Microsoft Excel Level 3


Clearly, you use Excel a lot in your role. Otherwise, you wouldn't be taking this course. By now, you're already familiar with Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019, its functions and formulas, a lot of its features and functionality, and its powerful data analysis tools. You are likely called upon to analyze and report on data frequently, work in collaboration with others to deliver actionable organizational intelligence, and keep and maintain workbooks for all manner of purposes. At this level of use and collaboration, you have also likely encountered your fair share of issues and challenges. You're too busy, though, to waste time scouring over workbooks to resolve issues or to perform repetitive, monotonous tasks. You need to know how to get Excel to do more for you so you can focus on what's really important: staying ahead of the competition. 


  • 5 JULY 2023
  • 10 AUGUST 2023
  • 6 SEPTEMBER 2023

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