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The Learning Development Group

The LD Group offers innovative, flexible, and evolving learning development solutions that transform organisations and individuals.

We design, implement, and deliver services across industries, within the following specialist areas:

  • BBBEE Consulting
  • Disability Management Service and & Sensitization Training
  • Skills Development & Employment Equity Facilitation

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) refers to how an organisation revitalises itself and alters its competitive position through embarking in entrepreneurial activities, which focus on innovation. CE is one of the key tools to take organisations forward in an environment faced by global challenges.

The short course in Corporate Entrepreneurship focuses on the fundamentals of CE, how to design an entrepreneurial organisation, building cultures to support intrapreneurship and enable continuous intrapreneurial performance within a corporation.

Public Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

The short course in Public Financial Management for NonFinancial Managers provides you with knowledge and skills in the basic concepts and principles of financial management in the public sector as general middle or senior manager. The course aims to provide you with a basic introduction to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) of 1999 (as amended), together with insights to National Treasury regulations, the Medium-term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) process and effective strategic planning to effectively perform your duties that pertain to financial outcomes.

Advanced Course in Time–Series Econometrics

The Advanced Course in Time Series Econometrics addresses modelling techniques for time series data when unit roots are present in the data. An overview of the technical characteristics of time-series data and the concept of non-stationarity is provided; and the econometric techniques of cointegration and error correction modelling are revised in single equations (residual-based cointegration), with emphasis on their empirical application. The main focus of the course is however on the theory and application of multivariate cointegration.

Economic Crime Schemes

The short course in Economic Crime Schemes provides you with an introduction to particular crime schemes that are directed against organisations and often perpetrated by its employees, management or involvement of third parties.

Enhanced GROW Coaching

The short course in Enhanced GROW Coaching provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to apply the GROW coaching model in executive coaching for leadership, management and teams, performance coaching and the structuring of mentoring conversations. The course looks at coaching approaches that are relevant to organisational and personal settings, but specifically focuses on the topics of meaning, purpose and spirituality (particularly workplace spirituality and cultural sensitivity).

E-Skills for Entrepreneurs

The eSkills for Entrepreneurs short course provides you with the opportunity to understand technology better and to see how technology can assist you in growing your business. It will also help you to see and understand how to optimise your communication skills through technology, with not only employees, but also suppliers and customers. You will also start to understand the benefits of social media and how you can use it to help grow your business as a marketing tool.

Online Course in E-Business and E-Commerce

The Online Course in eBusiness and eCommerce focuses on optimising customer relationship management in an online environment by examining eBusiness and marketplace models, eBusiness strategies, eMarketing and procurement in some detail. The initial investment for an eBusiness start-up is generally lower than starting a traditional business, and with technology becoming more advanced and easier to obtain, the barriers to opening a business have been significantly reduced or even removed.



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