Environmental law primer: what every business leader should know 2019

UCT  [email protected] is presenting a two-day course on environmental law.

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Who should attend?
Senior and mid-level business executives and managers.

Why this course?
Across the globe, companies are facing costly legal challenges and damaging negative publicity arising from the impact of their business practices on the environment. There is an urgent imperative for business leaders to evaluate how their companies approach compliance with the rapidly evolving and complex body of environmental laws and regulations, as well as find new ways to leverage sustainable practices as a legitimate business objective.

Increasingly, the corporate world is beginning to realise positive investment returns from business strategies that coalesce economic development goals, environmental stewardship and social wellbeing. Visionary leaders have begun to steer their organisations away from a linear, reactive approach to environmental responsibility, to one that integrates an incorporation of sustainable processes for optimal competitive advantage.

A comprehensive understanding of the key elements and drivers of environmental law and sustainability is therefore an essential tool for any business leader to ensure that their organisation remains relevant, flexible and prosperous.

About the course
This highly interactive course is designed to challenge and reframe your approach to your organisation’s environmental obligations and responsibilities. You will gain an overview of the key statutes of South African and international environmental law, the foundational principles, enforcement and compliance mechanisms, as well as current trends in environmental leadership.

The course work will also examine the business case for moving from regulation-driven compliance to integrating sustainability into your business culture, policies and practices. Participants will critically reflect on why the environment matters to your organisation and how environmental management systems can increase employee, customer and shareholder confidence.

Course content
Topics will include:

  • Why we need environmental law – the key principles.
  • The Constitutional context.
  • An overview of the hierarchy of South African environmental legislation.
  • Essential insights into South African environmental governance.
    -Administrative justice
    -The regulatory regime
    -Compliance, enforcement and liability
    -Environmental litigation – lessons from case law
  • International environmental treaties and your business.
  • The relationship between environmental law and sustainable development goals.
  • Integrating sustainability into business practice – a case for the circular economy.


  • Gain deeper insights into national and international environmental law and governance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practical application of sustainability.
  • Develop the know-how to positively influence and lead changes in business culture, policies, management and operational systems.
  • Understand the regulatory framework as it applies to your business.
  • Take a leadership role in addressing environmental challenges within your industry.
  • Gain an understanding of the complex relationships between your industry and the multiple stakeholders in addressing environmental challenges and opportunities.
  • Confidently network and collaborate with government agencies and civil society.
  • Develop an environmental leadership mind-set.
  • Inspire a systemic approach to return on investment and business value.
  • Gain insights to inform long-term planning perspectives.
  • Shift from reactive compliance to adoption of environmentalism as an inherently positive business goal and sound business practice.
  • Convincingly articulate the imperative for sustainable development to shareholders.
  • Gain new perspectives regarding the triple bottom line. 
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Contact Person: 

Don Coue
Course Details

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In Class In Class

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Course Duration: 

2-day course


R5,500 per delegate

Course fee Includes: 

Parking, teas, lunches, course material