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Instructional Design Tools for e-Learning

The Instructional Design Tools for e-Learning aims to introduce the fundamentals of instructional design tools necessary for effective online or blended teaching and learning.
This course is ideal for you if you need to design learning material with the use of multimedia and technology. The course follows a constructivist approach where you will be required to design and develop your own content using various interactive software and technology tools.

Teacher Development through Lesson Study: Theory and Practice

Lesson Study is a credible teacher development approach which has its origins from Japan and is currently being implemented globally. Due to unique educational needs of each country, including South Africa, there are numerous variations of Lesson Study. Through Lesson Study, a team of teachers work collaboratively to identify a problematic topic/concept, plan the lesson, observe the lesson while one teacher teaches, and then engage in reflective exercise to improve the lesson.

Mentor professional development: Self-empowerment in a Community of Practice

This course serves to empower mentors’ professionally with a view to become innovate and reflective in their mentoring practices while addressing their professional development. 
It focuses on Whole Brain® Thinking, action learning, communities of practice, professional development and mentoring. The focus of this programme is to rediscover and develop as a mentor.  

There is extensive literature on behaviour modification strategies and programs. Behaviour modification techniques are essential for addressing negative behaviour exhibited by children (Wood & Eames, 2017; Jangir & Govinda, 2018; John & Thomas, 2018). Acc

Teacher Training on Behaviour Modification for Learners

The aim of the training is to equip teachers with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills on behaviour modification as an intervention strategy in promoting healthy behaviour among learners. The training content will provide teachers with the theoretical background of the learning theories that led to the behaviour modification. Teachers will be equipped with strategies on how to identify learners experiencing emotional problems that result in behavioural problems and how to support them in changing their behaviour for the better in the classroom situation.  

Implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Inclusive Education

The Implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Inclusive Education short course focuses on training speech language pathologists and education specialists in providing necessary support to learners with complex communication needs or severe speech difficulties in order to give them appropriate access to education.
The course is based on the principle of inclusive education to ensure that all children, including those experiencing speech problems, are ensured of equal access to education.

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