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Nirvana Training Academy

First Aid, Emergency Medical, Firefighting And Occupational Health & Safety Training Academy

Nirvana is a trusted Health & Safety Training Company situated in South Africa. We have a national and country wide footprint. We are fully equipped and furnished to provide all of our students the best training and education necessary to make them effective Firefighters and more.

Short Course in Shopping Centre Management (CSCM)

The annual short course in Shopping Centre Management (CSCM) provides you with the essential skills and knowledge of the principles and practice of shopping centre management and development. The course particularly delves into the topics of the development of a shopping centre concept, typology and terminology, location theory, research in shopping centre marketing, design principles, services building maintenance and parking management, as well as insurance security management in shopping centres.

Short Course in Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management

5 ECSA CPD Points

The Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management short course will introduce you to the general principles of railway infrastructure maintenance and the management thereof, as applied to the fields of track, traction power supply, signalling and rail-bound telecommunications, as well as its integration into a multidisciplinary approach.

Short Course in Rolling Stock Technology

The Rolling Stock Technology module covers everything there is to know about locomotives, wagons and coaches. The principles of Rolling Stock Design (mechanical and electrical) are presented as fundamental knowledge for understanding the functioning of the various systems and sub-systems of a railway vehicle. Emphasis is placed on the various interfaces between rolling stock components and the module concludes with the essential aspects of condition monitoring, inspection, maintenance and safety.

Operator Training : Construction Plant

The following courses fall under the Construction Education Training Authority and the accredited unit standard for each type of equipment/machine -

Training of construction machine operators is legally required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Construction regulations. A Certificate of Competency must be issued for the specific machine operated.

Our methodology is training on site on the machines/equipment operators are using. 

H & S : Scaffold Inspector (Erector Certificate)

Scaffold Inspector (Erector Certificate) - SANS 10085

The qualifying learner will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to inspect access scaffolding for compliance with the South African National Standards (SANS) 10085. This unit standard will serve, in conjunction with related unit standards, to develop the qualifying learner to function as a scaffold inspector. 

The qualifying learner will be capable of: 

H & S : Working in Confined Spaces

Working in Confined Spaces OHS Act Sctn 13 and General Safety Regulation 5

It is a legal requirement to train employees to identify hazards when working in confined spaces how to take precuations for the safety of workers and the public. 

Proof of medical fitness needs to be submitted before entering the programme.

The typical scope of this unit standard is:

Occupational Certificate: Occupational Trainer



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to:

Plan, prepare for, coordinate, implement and evaluate learning programmes to achieve occupational trainee competence.


A qualified learner will be able to:

Establish the profile, special needs and barriers to learning of learners within the specified requirements of the training programme.

Occupational Certificate: Carpenter



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a carpenter.

Carpenters construct, erect, strip, install, renovate and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, panelling, timber and steel formwork and access materials.

A qualified learner will be able to:

Determine materials, dimensions required and setting out and preparing a work area on a construction site.

H & S : Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety training is required by the OHS Act Section 13 - Train all workers on tools used with special relevance to safety aspects.  The unit standards covered in this learning programme are 12877 & 12878

This unit standard is useful to people who work in the civil construction industry.

H & S : First Aid Training

First Aid in the workplace is necessary to comply to General Safety Regulation 3: First aid, memergency equipment and procedures - an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necesary under the circumstances, to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.

1)  Basic First Aid : Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace. 


Labour Relatios Solutions

LTM has extensive labour relations experience. Our in-house consultant/s offer consulting on labour relations and training workshops. Some of our clients are blue chip South African companies. 

Consulting and IR services can be commissioned on an ad-hoc or ousourced basis and include but are not limited to

Driver Training : 4 x 4 Driver Training

We provide on-site 4 x 4 driving programmes designed not only for developing off-road driving skills but that also provides a good appreciation of all technical aspects of the different types of 4 x 4 vehicles.  The programme provides sympathetic operation of vehicles, a thorough understanding and utilization of equipment related to the vehicle.

The following are the outcomes you can expect from this training:

Operator Training : Forklift Certification

Certificates of competence are issued in terms of OHSA 1993 Driven Machinery Regulation 18, sub-regulation 11 and NCOP Govt Gazette Regulation Gazette No 8158 Vol 476 Pretoria, dd 18 Feb 2005 No27292 and TETA Accreditation No 15-548 

Our forklift and crane operator training meets all legal requirements. 

Lift truck operator training is offered for:

LTM Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Welcome to Learning that Matters


LTM is an acronym for Learning that Matters. This is very fitting for our company as we consistently strive and manage to exceed our customers' and learners' expectations. 

Primavera P6 Fundamentals Course


Get started with the P6 R18 module through hands-on, basic training. Participants will gain a thorough
background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered.
This three-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project
to completion. All workshops and instruction use the three basic elements of project management:

IK Worx IT Academy

Innovative knowledge Worx is a company based in Fourways, Johannesburg that specializes in a variety of services like training and academics. Through  IKWORX an accreditated institution named Innovative Knowledge Worx IT Academy was established in 2017. The IT  Academy is in Hatfield Pretoria and offers training to students interested in information communication technology studies. Our IT academy aims to create leverage for upcoming ICT students and employees by training, examining and certifying IT courses.

Career Builder Programme for E-Entrepreneurship

In a nutshell..
The Career Builder Programme for E-Entrepreneurship equips school leavers and young graduates to take up entry-level opportunities in/as: E-entrepreneur; Small business owner; Digital Marketer; Business coordinator; E-marketing; Web development; Online business solutions; Digital transformation; Small business management; Social media administrator.

Foundation Learning Competence : NQF Level 2

What’s FLC?

Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) is a part qualification that consists of two learning areas: Communication and Mathematical Literacy. It outlines the minimum level of competence required for optimal functioning in the world of work and for occupational learning at NQF Levels 2-4. It is a part qualification registered at NQF Level 2 and carries 40 credits in total.

Cape Town School of English

The Cape Town School of English (established in 1991), is a Private College situated in Claremont and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The College is an accredited Skills Development Provider at the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.

What’s FLC?


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