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CTU Training Solutions (PTY) LTD is a PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. CTU has over 15 campuses nationwide, 10 000 certified students and over 900 courses. CTU offers opportunities for full time and part-time studies, short courses, online training, and Hybrid (VILT) training in information technology, design, business, engineering, and humanities faculties. 

If you have a passion and talent for music and want to pursue a career in music as a Sound Engineer, Music Producer or professional in the Music Industry, then this your future career - providing you with endless possibilities and opportunities in the Multimedia, Entertainment and Corporate Industry.

Regent, a higher education provider strives to deliver quality academic programmes that meet recognised academic standards to its students. It does this through ensuring that all Regent's programmes are developed internally by its professional team, in consultation with experts from business, and leading academics.

Chartall Business College was established in 2007 in response to two concurrent, national regulatory requirements. The first was the Financial Services Board’s regulatory need to ensure all banking staff providing financial advice met the specified FAIS fit and proper education requirements.

TSiBA Education NPC is comprised of two individual organisations: the Business School and the Ignition Academy. 

Vega's specialities include communication, brand management, copywriting, digital marketing, photography, graphic design, fashion design, and others. They offer Full-time, Part-time, online, short courses and corporate training.

Too often, those in crisis can’t access the help they need. SACAP's person-centered educational philosophy develops the skills you need to effect positive change where it’s needed most. SACAP’s work-integrated learning offering is where your training really comes to life.

Capsicum Culinary Studio has six campuses across the country, 6 000 graduates, talented and experienced chef lecturers and is the largest chef school in South Africa. Capsicum Culinary Studios's qualifications are internationally recognised and the website claims they have a pass rate above 95%.


PM Academy is a world leader in project management with a wealth of experience and has successfully completed projects, training, and recruitment throughout Africa.





A large part of Oakfields' success has been built on the fact that their courses are extremely practical and the lecturers have experienced industry professionals. Classes are small, offering individual attention and the different faculties integrate with each other in order to simulate real-life experiences in class.



  • Cape Town


  • Look on TOGI website for more info. 


  • Application Fees: R290.00
  • Registration Fees: R 1900.00
  • Modules of 5 Credits: R1 370.00
  • Modules of 10 Credits: R2 740.00
  • Example Cluster 1 Total (Consisting of 7 Modules): R16 440.00

Madina Institute is one of the leading centres in the advanced teachings of the Islamic Sciences. We aim to empower our students with critical, analytical and essential tools to live a life with purpose through the Holy Qur’an and Prophetic Model. The Institute is committed to our Student’s success and in preparing them to reach the peak of success.




Baptist Theological College aims to make Evangelical theological education and ministry preparation available primarily to Southern Africa and then the global community through contact and distance learning. They offer courses that will help students become stronger believers in their faith.

The Animation School is the leading animation school in South Africa. They have won over 110 awards. They offer a range of courses, both full-time and part-time courses. There are two campuses, one in Johannesburg and another in Cape Town. 



Christian Reformed Theological Seminary aims to provide its students with the best quality education. They offer a variety of courses including informal development courses. Online courses are available to their students.


Akademiese Reformatoriese Opleiding en Studies (AROS) is an Afrikaans institution. They offer a variety of courses as well as online courses. The campus has a library that may be used for study purposes. Student accommodation is available near the campus. Bursaries are awarded to deserving students who have achieved excellent results or are unable to afford the fees.

Christ Baptist Church Seminary is a non-profit ministry of Christ Baptist Church, Polokwane, South Africa, which also incorporates Samaria Mission. They offer two programs on their campus. Hostels are available to students who need accommodation. The rooms all have wireless internet access.

Akademia is a Christian Afrikaans institution. They offer a variety of courses at their campuses. There are thirteen campuses.





Centurion Academy aims to equip its students with the required knowledge and skills to meet the growing economic and social demands of South Africa. They offer full-time, part-time and distance learning courses to their students. The CARA (Rugby Academy) is available to students who would be interested in playing rugby for the college. There are five campuses.

Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie is an Afrikaans School in Pretoria. They offer a range of courses at their campus. They aim to produce employable graduates.