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Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction In order to effectively master behaviour management it's important to know what it is exactly.

This first lesson explains what is meant by "behaviour management," as well as how to effectively begin using it.

Lesson 2: Behavior Management Strategies for Managers

This lesson of behavior management focuses on the management roles..

Concepts like reinforcement, bribery, and misbehaviour are addressed.

Lesson 3: Managing Challenging Behavior in the Workplace

This lesson explains the various reasons and motivations for misbehavior, and provides several strategies for addressing behavioral issues in the workplace

Lesson 4: Behaviour Modification

Basics Sometimes the most effective way to deal with student misbehavior is to ignore it.

Lesson 5: Using a Token Economy to Manage Student Behavior

This lesson examines the token economy system to managing student behavior.

It explains what it is, how to create one, and even how to end one.

Lesson 6: Behavior Management via Power Teaching

This lesson looks at what power teaching is and gives many examples of ways it can be implemented.

Lesson 7: Managing Behavior with TEAM Discipline

This lesson looks at using a TEAM approach to discipline.

It explains using peer influence to improve behavior and how to use the tool.

Lesson 8: Positive Discipline

This lesson explains what positive discipline is, how to effectively use it, and the importance of feeling a sense of belonging and significance.

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