CBM Training - Adam Fidler’s – The Ultimate PA

The executive personal assistant is the pinnacle of the administrative support profession. Those that achieve the position need to be highly efficient, always get things done in a timeous and professional manner, assisting the boss in the utmost proficient way possible while remaining organised under pressure. In this course Adam shares useful advice, real life examples and practical exercises that will help you to grow into your role as the ultimate Personal Assistant.

Adam Fidler, Europe’s top EA Trainer is returning to South Africa with his dynamic and intensive 2 day Ultimate Personal Assistant course. Adam will discuss new trends and performance benchmark that he has come across whilst training some of the world’s top PAs. The course also includes loads of useful advice, real life examples and practical exercises to make this one of the most useful courses you will ever attend!

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– What the core role of a PA / MA should be – perfectionism versus pragmatism

– Keeping everyone organised under pressure through advanced diary management

– The PA as a manager – making the step up and taking more responsibility

– Changing others’ perceptions of the role visibility, status and profile

– Executive behaviour for PAs: managing your emotions at work

– IT versus paper systems – making IT work for you

– Recognising the PA as a “total” meeting manager

– Discovering advanced boss management: how to lead your boss so that you win both

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2 Days


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