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Managing people is one of the most difficult aspects of being a manager. Sensitive issues arise almost daily, and the way you deal with these situations dictates the mood and enthusiasm of your department or team, which directly affects the quality of their work.

To continue your growth within the organisation it is vital that you gain the support of your team. It is also imperative that senior management sees you as a capable manager, one that can solve people-related problems quickly, sensitively and professionally - without having to always resort to formal disciplinary procedures.

This management course deals specifically with the people aspects of management and how you can perfect these, ensuring your team is happy and productive!

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

* An introduction to various people management styles and identifying the style best suited for you
* Deciding whether a formal or an informal meeting is required when managing performance
* Discovering ways of raising sensitive topics during informal meetings
* Dealing with awkward management situations as soon as they arise, before they get out of hand
* Disciplining your staff effectively, without losing their support or diminishing their enthusiasm
* Stating your requirements clearly and listening to complaints and suggestions from your team
* Leading by example, and avoid slipping into bad management habits which can be difficult to break

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cassidy [at] cbmtraining.co.za
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1 day
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In House In-House




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