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The No Risky Theory is in essence investment transaction excellence in a box. It is an amalgamation of the world’s best financial engineering feats, synthesised into formulas and frameworks that have been set in a localized context. Four years of research has gone into understanding how the masters of finance have managed to achieve astounding results, overcome latent risks and outperform their rivals even under the most uncertain environments. This high impact session, with Rufaro Mafinyani, will help you to discover the tools, mindsets and tactics used by the highest achievers within the world of finance. We tap into the minds of masters such as Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, HSBC, JP Morgan as well as their local counterparts.

Have you ever wondered how some financiers managed to attain an average of 50% return on all significant transactions? How some firms profit from their losses? What goes through their mind when they design innovative solutions and products that solve structural risks? How are they able to leverage opposing interests in order to enable them to scale their operations, systematically transfer risks and turn one Rand into a hundred without using debt, cash or equity?

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