CBM Training - A Secretary's Guide to Meetings and Minute Taking


An Executive-level Secretary is expected to fulfil multiple responsibilities, including the administration surrounding meetings. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of meetings, a secretary's role surrounding meetings is placed under the spotlight - one where criticism or compliments can abound.

A meeting, no matter how small or large, is not a success unless it is arranged perfectly - and clear, precise minutes are produced and circulated.

This intensive 1 day course will demonstrate the best way to arrange a meeting - from making physical arrangements and preparing the agenda, to confirming attendees and moving in late-comers. You will then undertake practical exercises on taking comprehensive notes in the meeting and discuss techniques for turning these notes into clear, concise and accurate minutes that clearly identify actions and responsibilities from the meeting.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

* Looking at various types of meetings from formal board meetings to informal "Brainstorming" sessions
* Discovering your role in formal vs informal meetings
* Creating a foolproof checklist of arrangements before, during and after a meeting
* Appreciating the objectives of the Notice of a Meeting, writing an effective Notice and distributing Notices
* Your role in collating information necessary to prepare a concise Meeting Agenda
* Learning effective Minute Taking and Minute Writing Skills - and practicing these in a structured role-play situation
* Introducing some Advanced Minute Taking Skills
* Identifying commonly used meeting terminology and jargon, and what these mean, to help you keep up

This course is available as both a blended training option (online) and classroom training option. The price varies dependent on the training option chosen:
Classroom – R 3 795 Ex VAT
Blended – R 3 195 Ex VAT

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to enquire about possible course dates.

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cassidy [at] cbmtraining.co.za
Course Details
Course Duration:
1 day
Course Delivery Method:

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

From R 3 195 excl VAT




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