Stress Management Training - Cape Town

This Stress Management Training - which is offered throughout South Africa - is designed to empower employees to manage stress in their personal lives and work situations, in order to improve their effectiveness and overall quality of personal and work life.

Suitable for:   All employees

Course duration:  2 days

Course content and outcomes:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the prevalence of pressure – and potential stress in our daily lives
  • Understand the difference between stress and pressure
  • Acquire a greater knowledge of the hazardous effects of stress
  • Become aware of six deadly myths about stress
  • Understand the 4-stage stress model – and realize that we all
    handle stressful situations differently
  • Become aware of the chemical effects of stress on the body’s organs – and how big a deal it is!
  • Be better able to recognise and monitor the effects of stress in self
  • Be better able to identify signs of stress overload in others
  • Identify your personality type and your propensity to tackle stressful situations
  • Build skills and strategies to handle stress more effectively:
    • Self-awareness and openness: your Johari’s Window
    • Grow in confidence by giving and receiving feedback constructively
    • Clarify your values
    • Personal envisioning
    • Set personal objectives and goals
    • Build a positive attitude; and control your thoughts
    • Understand the effects of failure and success cycles
    • Learn how to apply the principle of 90/10
    • Learn how to say “No” without saying “NO”
    • Understand and acquire the skills of assertiveness
  • Understand cushioning techniques to help you manage stress:
    • Stress and the role of breathing
    • Useful exercises you can do “on the job”, even while seated
  • What to avoid eating; and what to avoid drinking
  • Keep a Personal Goals and Action Plan Journal

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Contact Person: 

Ron / Michele
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Course Delivery Method: 

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Course Duration: 

2 days


In-house and public fees on request