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Aim: The purpose of resilience training is to equip the delegate with useful information, practical skills and tools to build resilience in a personal and professional capacity. Through this process, the delegate should be able to use these skills to build trust and create positivity within a team. Resilience training is especially helpful to teams experiencing the stress of change and is an important part of change management. The Enneagram is currently a highly acclaimed international leadership development tool and is crucial to the individual wanting to build personal and team resilience. This workshop can be approached either including the use of diagnostic reports created by a pre-workshop questionnaire or it can be approached through self-discovery. Whilst we recommend the reports as a “quicker and more comprehensive” route to follow, these do add to the cost of the workshop. Quotations with reports included can be provided on request. Course Content: The Enneagram Self Mastery Tool as a base for understanding our own core fears, strengths and motivations and how these relate to our behaviour in times of stress. (This includes a pre-workshop questionnaire allowing for the generation of a strain profile in areas of overall strain, interpersonal strain, environmental strain, psychological strain, vocational strain, physical strain and happiness level) The Dilemma Scissors a tool for assisting us in cutting to the core of the challenges we face. What is information overload and how do you know if you have it, including practical tools on how to transform negative thinking Overcoming stress through clearing your head, changing perspective, creating alternatives, re-interpreting stress Being more effective and focused at work: Tools for dealing with overload and generating genius thinking, as well as prioritizing. Recognising and dealing with a stressed team. Strategies and tools to control anger, remain calm and maintain equilibrium 3 step process to challenge preconceptions and negative situations Personal steps to integration through the Enneagram “wings and lines of integration” as well as subtypes – A blueprint for success, through recognition and breaking of old habits. Understanding team dynamics through the Enneagram profiling Bounce Back – accessing your Ennea release point to assist you with your resilience

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From R4 140 per delegate (including VAT)