National Diploma: Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETD), ID 50333, NQF Level 5, 241 credits

National Diploma: Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETD), ID 50333, NQF Level 5, 241 credits

The diploma forms part of a talent development pathway for ETD Practitioners within an organisation.

It enables ETD Practitioners to move to a training management position fulfilling additional roles such as a Skill Development Facilitator, ensuring compliance with legislation and return on investment of learning and development within an organisation.

The learners wishing to enroll for the National Diploma in ODETD Practices must have completed the National Certificate in ODETD and hold 120 credits.

Attendance to the formal contact sessions is mandatory.

Public Workshop Details and Dates

Workshop title, credit value and unit standards

Workshop dates

(First intake)

Workshop dates

(Second intake)

Workshop 1: Orientation

11-13 March

4-6 November

Workshop 2: Supporting Learners (32 credits)

Access, process, adapt and use data from a wide range of texts, ID 115792

Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace, ID 123398

Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning, ID 10294

Select learning support material and assistive technology for inclusive settings, ID 119274





Workshop 3: Skills Development Facilitator (27 credits)

Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues, ID 15221

Promote a learning culture in an organisation, ID 15222

Develop an organisational training and development plan, ID 15217

Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation, ID 15232

Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes, ID 15218

Conduct skills development administration, ID 15227


15-18 April

9-12 December

Workshop 4: Learner Information System (28 credits)

Manage the capture, storage and retrieval of human resource information using an information system, ID 10171

Manage learner information using an information management system, ID 114925

Manage the design, development and review of human resource information system, ID 11906

Identify and measure factors that influence productivity, ID 114878

Co-ordinate the improvements of productivity within a functional unit, ID 114884


3-5 June

3-5 February, 2020

Workshop 5: Training Management (34 credits)

Build teams to meet set goals and objectives, ID 15237

Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment, ID 114925

Empower team members through recognising strengths and encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks, ID 15224

Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions, ID 12140

Manage a diverse work force to add value, ID 252043(* ID 15233 if part of the full National

Diploma in ODETD Practices)

Interpret and manage conflict within the workplace, ID 114226


8-11 July

9-12 March, 2020

Workshop 6: Review and Assessment Workshop – Present Learning Journal (5 credits)

Use language and communication strategies for vocational and occupational learning, ID 115791


12 August

20 April, 2020

Cost Per Learner

The following costs are applicable per learner:

For the full National Diploma: R25, 742.75 inclusive of VAT). Book 10 or more and qualify for a 10% discount.

This public training programme is also run in Gauteng and also in Namibia – (Namibia dates & cost available on request).

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Level 5



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R25, 742.75 inclusive of VAT)

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Book 10 or more learners and qualify for a 10% discount. This programme can also be run in-house (T&C’s apply).