CBM Training - Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

It is no longer a competitive advantage for you to just have great customer service.

The real imperative for business success lies in creating unparalleled customer experiences. A faster business pace, increased competition and the instant 24/7 feedback available today means that all employees need to constantly strive to improve the customer journey, something which goes well beyond day-to-day customer service.
This highly engaging training course will enable delegates to begin designing a route map to implementing customer-centric transformation in their organisations. Delegates will be challenged to look deeper than the products and services they offer, and to identify why they do business and what customer problem they are solving. This process will both challenge and inspire delegates.

By attending this course, you will take the first steps towards creating a truly customer-centric organisation and you will finally realise what all successful business already understand: “Customer-centric culture is an end rather than a means”.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

* Gaining an in-depth understanding of Customer-Centricity and the positive impact it can have for your business’ success.
* Developing a clear picture of who your customers are and how you can best profit from this knowledge by targeting the right people or organisations.
* Creating authentic consumer experiences that will delight your customers and keep them coming back and buying.
* Defining why your business exists, aside from making a profit, and getting buy-in from your team to ensure that you are all working towards a common goal.
* Identifying the building blocks of Customer-Centricity and practical ways that you can begin implementing this into your organisation to change the way your people think.
* Ensuring everyone within your organisation is empowered to deliver exceptional customer service leading to greater customer loyalty and guaranteed ongoing business.

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2 day


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