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Batho Pele is an approach to get public servants committed to serving people and to find ways to improve service delivery.

This approach also requires the involvement of the public in holding the Public Service accountable for the quality of service provided.

Batho Pele is also about moving the Public Service from a rules-bound approach that hinders the delivery of services to an approach that encourages innovation and is results driven.

In other words instead of looking for reasons why government cannot do something, they have to find better ways to deliver what people need.

Managers in public service have a key role to play in creating an environment for their staff to become effective in the way they interact with customers.

This requires that they focus on motivating staff, ensure that they have the right tools to do their work and provide ongoing support especially at times when staff is under pressure and stress.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Explaining how the Batho Pele principles apply to their own work roles.
  • Explaining how the application of Batho Pele principles determines the way in which work is done in the public sector. Identifying and describe successful examples of application of Batho Pele principles in public sector contexts.
  • Explainig why the Batho Pele principles are so important to government and effective service delivery in South Africa and own organisation.
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kempton [at] academytraining.co.za
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2 Days
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