Web-Based Support Training

How does it work?

Edutel offers a web-based support (Webinar) training facility whereby learners can attend virtual classes.

These classes are be facilitated live by an accredited Facilitator. Learners are able to see the Facilitator, go through the notes and workbook online and ask live questions (via text) and receive live answers. These classes are attended by various learners from around the country as if the learners are all sitting in one classroom. This facility enables learners to conduct both private and open conversations with the Facilitator during the training session. This is not e-learning but a support mechanism to help take the distance out of distance learning.

Need to bridge the distance? You can now attend classes online with Edutel for additional support as a distance learner. Click herefor more information.


Please contact Pragashi on (011) 760-4251 if you are interested in participating in web-based support training or for more information.

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