Manager Development Programme (7days)

MDP Delivery: Three study sessions totalling 6 days over a period of 4-6 months. This includes a 1x day group action learning improvement project and a presentation. Total duration is 7 days

Target Audience: Senior Supervisors / Middle Managers. (Minimum Grade 12)

MDP Purpose: The MDP aims at equipping senior supervisors and middle managers to function effectively at their level of the pipeline.

MDP Outcomes: Includes leadership role understanding, improving organisational culture and capability, leadership styles, improved accountability and decision-making skills, cultivating open and effective communication, improving employee engagement, personal maturity review, self-management, optimising interpersonal communication and stakeholder communication, improving emotional intelligence, creating an innovative culture, continuous improvement, high performance meetings, statistical process control charts (SPC), and income statement development.

Study Session 1: Leadership

Study Session 2: Emotional Intelligence

Study Session 3: Continuous Improvement

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David Loubser
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