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crs techCRS Technologies is a provider of solutions and services to the human capital management industry and distributes human resources and payroll products.

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Expanding into international markets can be both an exciting and daunting prospect for companies. The promise of new opportunities presents numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to managing a global workforce.

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time is a non-negotiable priority for all businesses. Accurate payroll fosters trust, enhances job satisfaction and cultivates a positive organisational culture.

From juggling limited resources to keeping up with ever-changing legislation and regulations, it's not surprising that small business owners often become overwhelmed by the many challenges they face. Amid these, managing payroll and HR tasks can be particularly burdensome, diverting attention and resources away from core business objectives.

In today’s globalised economy, international expansion has become a strategic imperative for ambitious businesses. Yet, this expansion brings with it a multitude of challenges, particularly when it comes to ensuring efficient and legally compliant payroll and HR operations across borders.

With digital permeating every aspect of business operations, the need for streamlined, efficient and scalable processes is more important than ever. This is where software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be game-changing. However, even if your business is considering transitioning to a cloud environment, the benefits can be significant.

When it comes to labour disputes, companies who choose to ignore a judgement handed down by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) do so at their peril.

Increasingly dominated by cloud solutions, the global payroll and HR software market is forecast to top $61 billion by 2030. This growth reflects the shift towards cloud-based payroll and HR systems in businesses of all sizes and across industry sectors.

Expanding operations across borders is becoming the norm in the modern business landscape, but with this expansion comes the challenge of managing payroll on a global scale.

If your business has to deal with frequent tax penalties, compliance fines and legal disputes, it may be time to consider outsourcing your payroll to a professional payroll bureau.

It’s the law. If you are absent from work for more than two consecutive days, or more than twice within eight weeks, you have to provide a doctor’s note to your employer, according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

You’ve just received your dream job offer, but there’s a catch. You need to start the new job in a month’s time, but your current employer requires you to give three months’ notice.

Hybrid working is not the future of work, it’s the now. And companies that are choosing to accept and embrace this reality are not only enjoying increased staff productivity and improved business performance, but have enhanced their appeal to potential talent and established themselves as preferred employers.

Managing your company’s payroll should be a seamless experience, but if your payroll department is constantly in a state of crisis management, it’s highly likely that the payroll solution you’re using is no longer capable of meeting the organisation’s evolving business needs.

South Africa is a nation rich in diverse cultures and religions, and certain beliefs and practices are deeply ingrained in the lives of those who adhere to them. Indeed, our constitution explicitly acknowledges the country’s multiplicity of cultural and traditional beliefs, and many people consider these to be an integral part of their personal identity.

Once considered a powerful tool for fostering growth, development and alignment within an organisation, the relevance of employee performance reviews has become a hotly debated topic, with many human resources practitioners arguing that traditional annual performance reviews are outdated.

Artificial intelligence provides a service to HR, but shouldn’t replace people as a way of handling human resources within the business

Breast milk has long been acknowledged as nature’s perfect food for infants. Its unique properties continue to benefit children long after their mothers have stopped breastfeeding.

As the world emerges from the pandemic, employers must decide whether to continue allowing their employees to work remotely or force them to return to the office. Many believe that a move back to the office is the best way to ensure effective collaboration between workers while safeguarding the company culture.

Skills are a hot commodity in virtually every industry across all sectors globally. The emerging workforce, and so-called Gen Z workers in particular, are in demand and more employers are offering early finish Fridays or summer Fridays as a perk to attract job-seekers.

If you take a sick day so you can have a fun day, you're committing fraud and can lose your job. 




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