edupowerEduPower Skills Academy is an accredited skills development academy offering training courses and learnerships. EduPower has a unique, flexible solution that can maximise your B-BBEE points for Skills, Enterprise and Supplier development.

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Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, urges companies to seize this opportunity. He emphasises the need for readiness and suggests three key questions for companies to consider as they prepare for the transition.

A Critical Assessment of the QCTO’s readiness to implement Occupational Certificate Programmes.

EduPower provides insight into how integrating Learnerships into your WSP and ATR can elevate your competitive edge.

The 3rd of December is recognised as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and is the culmination of a month of national awareness in South Africa. As we observe this day, it is a stark reminder that much still needs to be done to create inclusivity for the approximately seven per cent of our population living with either physical or mental disabilities.

As the Matric Class of 2023 nears the conclusion of their school career, a few of these learners will recognise Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) as a section in Business Studies. However, B-BBEE – and how companies decide to implement their Skills Development initiatives – may be the defining factor that determines some of these young people’s career prospects and future.

Innovation often stems from a unique perspective and a fresh outlook on the future. This has been the driving force for the partnership between EduPower, a leading training provider and the branded merchandise company, JIMBU.

As the annual budgeting season begins, many corporates are facing the challenge of the cost of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance, especially around Skills Development (SD), one of the highest spend-based elements on the scorecard.

While EE targets are still being finalised, the Chairperson of the Commission for Employment Equity, Tabea Kabinde, has stated that transformation in the workplace has been particularly slow when it comes to people with disabilities (PWDs). EduPower four keys to ensure that People with Disabilities can flourish in your business.

Training providers are ultimately responsible for determining fair stipends. Stipends, a fixed monthly allowance paid to candidates as part of a learnership, internship or apprenticeship, are intended to provide learners with financial assistance to pay for transport, meals and other basic needs whilst completing these 12-month programmes.

Learnerships are an essential resource to future-proof your business. Black Broad-Based Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is only effective in meeting its goals if the transformative ethos of the legislation is embraced, according to Rajan Naidoo, the Director of EduPower Skills Academy.




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