Lerato Botha


Lerato is a student studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English Language and Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Cape Town.

Lerato previously held the position of Editor-in-Chief at Varsity Newspaper, the University of Cape Town's student newspaper and is also a part-time writer at Portal Publishing.

Her passion for writing has been one that she has developed since her years in Primary School. Despite being a child of big dreams who wanted to try everything from being a lawyer, to a designer, to a therapist, Lerato always came back to writing as her desired career. News, Features and Opinions are three of her favourite topics to write for.

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Articles by Lerato:

For months, Unisa has been at the centre of controversy over a report that exposed alleged maladministration and poor financial management. Since then, Minister Blade Nzimande’s has attempted to place Unisa under administration, but these efforts have been consistently halted. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has been the saving grace for many South Africans in times of unemployment. Given the continuing employment crisis in the country, it is essential that unemployed former workers know how to collect their UIF payouts.

Working individuals in South Africa are expected to pay a tax on their return for as long as their professional careers remain active. However, what happens to these tax obligations when an employee dies?

High unemployment in South Africa has seen youth graduates struggle to find work. However, ongoing government effort has revealed progress in youth employment.

Load Shedding represents a persistent problem in South Africa. As the energy crisis worsens, government has declared a State of Disaster to resolve the matter.

Functioning successfully in the business industry is greatly dependent on one’s ability to attract and maintain customers. Customer relationship courses can help with that. 

After a lengthy waiting period, the 2022 matric results have finally been given the greenlight by Umalusi just days ahead of their expected release. Despite being cleared for issue, the batch of examination results did not come without their share of irregularities.

Having the ability to study debt-free is not a privilege that all South African students have. That’s why organisations like Feenix are essential in helping alleviate student debt, however, it is necessary for interested students to note some of the advantages and limits to the Feenix funding strategy. 

As the world becomes increasingly more dependent on technology, basic computer knowledge becomes increasingly more valuable. Whether you want to understand computers as a way to keep up with the world, or you want to study computer sciences in order to one day make a profession out of it, there are a number of places where you can find such courses to your liking.




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