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new leaf technologiesNew Leaf Technologies provides organisations with a smart and customisable eLearning platform that they can use to upskill and engage with their employees. Using the variety of training programmes, learning activities and practical training solutions on offer from aNewSpring, or the eLearning content authoring tool that allows for the organisation to build its own programmes using templates and custom functionality, the business can take skills development beyond the traditional and into the extraordinary.

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AI and immersive training experiences aligned with business goals are redefining the sector. New Leaf Technologies explains the future of L&D.

The shifts that occurred within the learning and development space this year have proved an excellent marker for what can be expected in 2024 and beyond. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning resulted in significant cost reductions, making eLearning far more accessible to South Africans, while the focus moved to long term and sustainable L&D solutions from the Covid-19 crisis mentality that gripped the industry previously.

Mindfulness and good mental health don’t happen overnight, but thanks to online training more officers are learning how to cope with their high-stress occupation.

Learning and development professionals have a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of the exponential change taking place in the world today. This was one of the key points highlighted at the New Leaf Technologies Learning Indaba, held virtually and attended by delegates from as far afield as UK on November 23.

South Africa’s private security industry is four times bigger than its police force. New Leaf Technologies explains why online learning is the way forward for 2.7 million officers.

New Leaf Technologies looks at the critical touchpoints South African organisations should embrace to ensure robust security personnel and service. High-stress security training has become a necessity as we unpack how eLearning is leveraged to ensure invaluable insights into the essential components of robust security which is focused on both physical and cybersecurity attacks.

South Africa’s Nissan Academy is making use of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning strategies to improve service standards in its dealer network.

A new project aimed at equipping more South Africans with the skills to save lives is blazing a trail for corporate social investment strategies.

No more than 20 years ago, the idea of virtual and augmented reality shaping the automotive sector would have seemed absurd. But this is indeed the “reality” that has come to pass. There are now systems in place that negate the need for a trip to the mechanic when a check-light illuminates on the dashboard.

While challenges remain in democratising education in South Africa, e-learning is playing a significant role in bridging the divide. By way of example, Vodacom’s e-school has accumulated 1.4-million users since its launch in 2014. 

New vehicle sales in South Africa continue to impress despite the challenging economic climate. Figures released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA (Naamsa) for June 2023 show that 46 810 units were sold – a 14% increase compared to the same month last year.

The process from concept and design to production and distribution is not a cheap one, and vehicle manufacturers are faced with the additional challenge of having to balance these costs with what consumers can afford.


South Africa has a golden opportunity to compete internationally for e-learning projects alongside the likes of India and the Philippines. That is according to Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect at the maker of the world's most popular apps for online learning, US-based Articulate.

A retail business is only as good as its employees. Essentially it is the staff who represent the brand since they are on the front lines dealing with customers.

There are very few instances nowadays where employees will spend their entire careers at the same company. The job landscape has changed so dramatically – particularly since the pandemic and the ability to work from home – that if a business fails to meet worker expectations staff simply look elsewhere and quit.

The latest New Leaf Technologies Learning Indaba & Articulate Roadshow in Johannesburg and Cape Town proved a resounding success, as hundreds of learning and development professionals packed the respective venues to gain valuable insights from global experts in the field.

The retail industry is not for the faint-hearted. Keeping customers happy every minute of the working day is hard but must be done if a business is to succeed.


Internationally-renowned e-learning expert, Tom Kuhlmann, believes South Africa's learning economy appears to be the bridge between what is happening in more established economies and the opportunities in developing economies.

Equipping and re-equipping professionals with the insights they need to stay relevant in their professions is no simple task. The rapid speed at which technology is advancing can be terrifying for many people, as just as they have become used to a certain way of doing things, they need to be retrained. 

Businesses want to see the results of training programmes reflected in day-to-day operations and it is also not an easy task for Learning and Development professionals to facilitate upskilling of staff members. Although these professionals play a vitally important role, but they need to make it a priority to quantifying training effectiveness in this space.





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