stadioWith 9 Schools, over 50 accredited programmes and both on and off-campus options, STADIO is widening access to higher education. They offer higher education specially designed to meet industry requirements and to accommodate our students' diverse lifestyles.

STADIO offers an array of accredited qualifications via contact, distance and blended learning, across nine campuses, to over 46 000 students.

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STADIO's Articles:

Digital shifts in the workplace have given adults the confidence to embrace technology in other parts of their life, including using it for personal and professional growth through distance learning.

STADIO is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Truida Oosthuizen as the tertiary institution's new Head of the School of Administration and Management.

While distance learning has been around for decades, recent developments in technology coupled with rapid digitalisation in the wake of COVID-19 have seen it evolve dramatically in the last few years. As one of Africa’s leading distance learning institutions, STADIO Higher Education has developed and refined its distance learning platform to suit the needs of students who prefer this learning mode. 

When most people think of careers one could pursue with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, the obvious ones that spring to mind are traditional law jobs, such as working as attorneys and advocates. However, according to Prof Philip Stoop, head of the STADIO School of Law, there are many other career options available to law graduates.

Private tertiary education provider, STADIO, has found that admissions for many prospective students are compromised by their low Matric maths scores, which are a prerequisite for numerous tertiary qualifications. Some parents and matriculants question why this is still the case.

For too long, South Africans perceived the design and décor field to consist of two main career options - Interior Design and Architecture. This has left a prominent gap in the market for the middle ground of Spatial Design.

Private tertiary education provider, STADIO, awarded its first two doctorate qualifications on Monday, 8 May 2023 to Emetia Meria Swart, who was conferred with a Doctor of Management degree, and Kennedy Kaumba Mabuku, who was conferred with a Doctor of Policing degree.

School-leavers wishing to pursue a tertiary education are faced with numerous choices and it can be difficult to know where to start.

For many young people finishing high school, tertiary education is an attractive but daunting prospect. While parents may encourage them to pursue higher education, the working world and educational offerings have shifted substantially in the past decades, making it difficult for parents to navigate the available options too.

Right now, the world needs more creative problem solvers to reimagine our living spaces and build us a better tomorrow. The design space has witnessed momentous changes in the last few years - Covid-19 off course has had an everlasting impact on the way we live and work but so too has the intensifying climate crisis.

In the fast-changing world of work and with South Africa’s high unemployment rates, many graduates (and their parents) are questioning the value of academic qualifications. Even the Bachelor of Commerce degree (BCom), previously considered the most sure-fire way to secure a job in business or finance, has come under the spotlight.


Over the next few weeks, more than a million determined grade 12’s across South Africa will be hurrying to complete their application for a place at most higher education institutions before the end of September deadline.




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