Skills Development

Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande will soon release a document to start a public debate on the future of the Setas. While the structure of the Seta system might change, he was clear when speaking to the media that he does not believe the answer is to ditch the Setas.

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business is launching a new
Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice to overcome the lack of qualified and
skilled middle managers which is aggravating Africa?s already turbulent economy

What does it take to develop skills and create a long-term job creation plan? A
by consulting firm Hatch Goba uncovers some of the challenges encountered on the
path to uplifting staff.

African countries face a formidable challenge in obtaining the skilled resources
needed to develop infrastructure, drive economic growth and reduce

Twenty years, a few white papers, green papers, SETA?s and NQF?s down the
line, how much have we really evolved in skills development in South Africa
asks David Loubser.

How have the revised BEE codes affected business? Tarryn Mason
discusses the best way to maximise points on the Skills Development element
of the triple-BEE scorecard.

South Africa suffers a critical skills shortage despite its high unemployment
rate and a new innovation-driven mindset about skills development will be
imperative to realise the goals of the National Development Plan.

Much debate has surrounded the effects on businesses with the
implementation of the revised B-BBEE codes. Companies have been given one
year to realign their B-BBEE strategies, before they are assessed on the
revised codes.

The announcement of a R1.5 billion increase in the National Student Financial
Aid Scheme to help more students study further has been welcomed by the
Supply chain management professionals? body.

With a focus on Skills Development, and an emphasis on a more strategic use
of workplace skills programmes, businesses can ensure that their employees
and managers are equipped with the necessary skills required to reach those


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