Higher Education

Higher Education, a near-essential part of life. Referring to any studying done after Matric, higher education provides students with additional qualifications necessary to obtain specific jobs and advance themselves in life. Options for higher education include universities and colleges, offering qualifications on degree, diploma and certificate levels. Which of these levels of higher education you qualify to go into depends upon your Matric pass - it takes a Bachelor's pass to qualify to study for a degree, a Diploma pass for a diploma and a Higher Certificate pass for a certificate. Read on to see what your options are in terms of higher education and see how the field of higher education is changing in South Africa.

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South Africa’s emerging cannabis industry holds significant promise for much-needed economic development.  Key to unlocking the job creation potential is quality education and training that can turn out a knowledgeable and effective workforce.  As cannabis legislation changes across the world, South Africa will face fierce competition from other countries, and it is our people that will give us the edge.  

As the soon-to-be-graduates from the Class of 2020 near the end of their studies, they need to start considering their options for next year. 

Rosebank College,

There have been many developments in the higher education sector in past decades, notably a rise in the number of institutions from which prospective students can choose when considering their further education. 




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