Executive Coaching

Many companies don’t practice good Business Etiquette because they underestimate the value it has and how it can make or break a business.

Leadership and life coaching have become big business, as clients seek guidance for career transitions, executive development, starting a business, getting more organised, managing transitions, improving performance amidst much else.

While many leaders fail to hit the mark for many reasons, one factor is often overlooked. Many do not get the onboarding support they need to assimilate to the new role, such as working with a coach.

In the business world, there is a newfound focus on employee satisfaction, thanks to millennials and their need to be mentored and monitored in the industries they find themselves in.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Every year, the breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the intelligence displayed by machines, become more and more astounding.

Whether you are considering a career in coaching or need someone to guide you this article will help you understand the purpose and function of an executive coach.

Coaching in the workplace is not dissimilar to coaching on the sports field. In their essence, they both exist to enhance individual or team performance.

More companies are turning managers into coaches to improve business success and productivity.

Coaching has taken off within law firms around the globe, with the Law Gazette reporting that the top 100 law firms are now spending an estimated £ 4.5 million (around ZAR 93 million) on coaching annually.

In a relatively short time, ‘The Coach’ has come a long way from the being the person on the sports field unlocking star performance from players.

Conversations that inspire and teach, create vibrant working environments with committed and engaged employees.

Coaching plays an important role in developing South Africa’s future prospects through its ability to empower and build leaders who can unleash their own potential and thereby effect positive transformation in all aspects of society.

Strong leadership in the face challenges and global uncertainty is highly valued and
much needed in business today. Tal Ben-Shahar, highlights the role of leaders and the
impact of making small changes.

The fast-paced and ever evolving world in which we find ourselves has presented
business leaders with many challenges - often unprecedented challenges - that need
innovative and flexible solutions.

Do you want to bring about change in your organisation? Business coach Jonti Mayer
draws from his 20 years of experience to share some insightful and purposeful tips for

Both group and individual coaching has benefits to participants but which style
of coaching should be used and when? Find out more about this tool and why
it is revolutionizing professionals and business.

Even those people who have reached their professional pinnacle may find that
they have areas that can be improved upon and coaching is the most effective
way to achieve personal or career goals.

Business coaching and mentoring is a personal and professional development
tool that is gaining popularity in the marketplace as more business leaders
discover the value of this profession.

Do you know how to set realistic goals and achieve them? As a business
leader you are required to help the business move forward and expand, a
business coach can guide you down the right path.

The global demand for business leaders is forcing employers to look for alternative
ways of sourcing management skills. Executive coaching is one tool companies are
implementing to fast track the development of new leaders.

Kathi Clarke owner of Building Best Business and an internationally-
ActionCOACH has won an award at the prestigious annual Business
Awards. The event provides an opportunity for business owners and
coaches to gather and exchange valuable insights.

A new teaching and learning model known as 'life coaching' has been developed and
adopted, along with other interventions on pre-graduate level, to enhance personal
achievement. This research project has shown tremendous results.

Superior people management is increasingly being recognised as the way to deliver competitive advantage; and the way to make great businesses into brand leaders. New research at Toyota leads the way.

Coaching Circles are fast replacing action learning as the best way to develop
people and organisations. Organisations demand leaders who are adaptive,
intelligent and able to problem solve. Absa is tackling this issue by creating
coaching circles which develop managers through peer coaching.


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