A career is defined as the ongoing process to learn new skills and knowledge and apply this learning in a business context in order to make a unique contribution through work. It includes education, training, volunteering, paid and unpaid work.
The desire to achieve success and satisfaction at work has motivated people to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development. The dynamics have changed and life long learning has become an integral part of working life, according to

MMS Africa, a provider of media management software solutions to broadcasters across Africa, has partnered with inq., a Convergence Partners company, to host its infrastructure, support its IT requirements, and assist it with the software customisation on its broadcast solution.

As the traditional mindset of a successful workplace model – where CEO and full-time executives all work in proximity to the office – rapidly becomes outdated due to the rise in remote and hybrid work, Africa’s largest executive search firm, Jack Hammer Global, says future-focused businesses are undoubtedly moving towards a hybrid and fractional work model, with fractional leaders being executives who work part-time within an organisation, integrating into the company’s leadership team without the full-time cost.

Realization of these objectives requires systematic planning and careful implementation. To this effect, application of knowledge, skill, tools and techniques in the project environment, refers to project management.

Millions of people want to pursue careers with job security. The scarce skills list informs individuals which skills are most needed in the country. 

Trying to find a job after high school can be challenging. Crafting a great CV can help you on you job search. 

Some secretaries would agree, being a personal assistant to one or a handful people is a challenging task. It takes skills to juggle between your own workload and that which is expected of you to manage on the behalf of your manager or executives.

Once stigmatised and marginalised, mental healthcare is now centre stage.  Over the past few decades, there has been growing mainstream acceptance that we need to attend to our emotional well-being with the same concern that we apply to our physical health.

The rise of IT contracting offers many benefits. The field of IT is rapidly evolving, and with companies embracing digital transformation, the demand for exceptional IT professionals continues to grow.

Do you want to know where the money is? In this article, we will look at some of the best high paying jobs in South Africa which may help you make a decision on your career path.

It is said that success is no accident, and for entrepreneurs who plot the right destination and navigate their “seas” strategically, victory is sealed. 

For centuries social workers have been at the forefront of helping people navigate times of disruption and radical change.  Often referred to as a noble profession, social work has its roots in the late 1900’s when societies grappled with the emerging impacts of industrialisation. 

If you are looking for a new job or want to advance in your current one, you need to be aware of your online reputation, or at least how you appear to others on the internet.

The South African Government currently employs around 13% of the country’s workforce. These positions not only offer competitive salaries, but also come with essential benefits and job security. 

The tough economic environment and shifting spending priorities have led to most corporate, individual donors, and foundations reassessing their financial commitments. Many are cutting back on funding to nonprofit organisations (NPOs), while some are guiding and investing in more longer term sustainable practices, for their existing cohort of grantees.

Starting as an entrepreneur can be scary at first, especially if you're unsure about the necessary steps to take. To help you navigate the path to success, there are a few essential tips you can use as you start your entrepreneurship journey. 

Research and surveys across the globe are showing that there has been a dramatic increase in stress and burnout in the workplace, and South Africa is no exception. While the hangover from the pandemic and lockdowns continues, much of the workforce in most countries must now also contend with dramatically increased cost of living and uncertainty about the future, while continuing attempts to perform at previous levels as well as maintaining personal and family relationships.

Finance and data specialist Liau Kekana, 26, is working from one of the most remote places on Earth: the tiny mountain kingdom in the sky, also known as Lesotho. Although many might struggle to point out Lesotho’s exact location on a map, Liau has high-speed internet, a Netflix account and access to the finest data software tools in the mathematical finance industry. 

The world is on the brink of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, an era of unparalleled technological advancements that will reshape our lives and work. The fifth industrial revolutions builds on the foundations laid by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Money is an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people, which is what makes asking for a raise or negotiating your salary so difficult. However, these conversations are important to have in order for you to get a paycheck you deserve and have stable financial wellness. 

Employed individuals have access to various benefits, as long as they are registered and are paying toward UIF contributions. These contributions will come in handy when they are retrenched and laid off.





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