A career is defined as the ongoing process to learn new skills and knowledge and apply this learning in a business context in order to make a unique contribution through work. It includes education, training, volunteering, paid and unpaid work.

The desire to achieve success and satisfaction at work has motivated people to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development. The dynamics have changed and life long learning has become an integral part of working life, according to

This week in How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker, we're going to look at how to ace the interview. Read on to find out how to survive a job interview, with a variety of tips and hints.

You spent hours crafting your first CV, showcasing your school years, qualifications and experience, but employers don’t even give it 9 seconds of attention before moving on to the next one.

Today more women are opting to enter the workforce which has proven to be a positive step for the modern family in many ways.

How do you position yourself for a promotion? Here are some insights into what employers are looking for in a prospective candidate.

Is unemployment driving you crazy? You are not alone. Here are some tips to help you face this harsh reality.

This week in How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker, we look at ‘soft skills’ and how they can help you nail that job application. But first, what are soft skills? Let’s take a look.

A geophysicist is someone who studies the earth and uses their discoveries to benefit society.

The first in a series of articles on how to stand out as a job seeker, in this article we look at why you should learn a new language and how you can do it.

It can be very difficult to know where to start when it comes to writing your CV. It's one of the first things your potential employer sees and it's often where applicants let themselves down the most. let's take a look at how to write the perfect CV.

Writing a cover letter can be a real challenge but it's the most important part of a job application. Let's take a look at how to write the best cover letter you possibly can.

As we kicked off the New Year, prospective graduates are now preparing for the next chapter of their lives; which is to get their careers off the ground. This involves deliberating on whether to go into self-employment, doing an internship or securing full-time employment.

Each New Year brings with it countless opportunities to grow and develop personally, the best way to ensure that we are intentional about growth is to set goals that will help us in this growth journey and action these goals by following your plan.

For some, becoming a fireman is more than a childhood fantasy, it is the reality they have dreamed about all their lives.

Do you find yourself trapped by the debilitating and sometimes profound feeling of being stuck in your job because it no longer fits your interests? Perhaps your job no longer feels meaningful to you and you need a way to feel alive again in a new career. So, what do you do?

There is no denying the fact that searching for your first job can be daunting and riddled with disappointment.

As with every year, the start of 2017 sees a fresh crop of South African matriculants setting out on their paths to entering the job market in a few years’ time.

A commonly held belief is that expanding your career by frequently changing employers every few years is positive for developing your career.

Following a long, gruelling year of studying tirelessly, grade 12 graduates are now faced with deciding on their next steps which may be to study further, join the labour force, or take a 2017 gap year.

Would you like to work overseas one day? It is important to find out whether the qualification you are working towards is internationally recognized. This gives you more employment options once you graduate.

If you are like most people the art of choosing a career in or after school was a maze-like experience to say the least. The world has evolved to such an extent that there are numerous new careers arising to choose from.

With 72.5% of matriculants passing their final examinations in 2016, increasing levels of unemployment, coupled with uncertainty regarding how many new students will be accepted into the country’s universities, 2017 is likely to be a tough year for young job-seekers desperate for employment opportunities.

Hundreds of thousands of newly graduated young people from the Class of 2016 are currently considering their next steps. While the obvious next step is throwing themselves into the business of searching for work, there are other options available which can make them bridge the gap between the world of study and the world of work, an expert says.

Having worked hard throughout the year on your studies, you are left with days just waiting to be filled with summer activities for the holiday season. Instead of lazing around wondering what time to wake up, or if you should even bother waking up at all, take a look at how top students spend their summer holidays.

While many South Africans see the New Year as the perfect time to look for a job, temptation to throw a few exaggerations - and lies - into your resume in order to stand out from all other applicants may be at an all-time high.

This is the time of year that learners are choosing their field of study. Traditionally many will opt to go the university route and unfortunately not all will gain acceptance primarily due to the infrastructure and resources that are available in South Africa.


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