Coaching and Counselling

Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) defines coaching as “a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level”. A coach is a thinking partner to accelerate learning and development. Coaches seek to empower others through igniting their thinking, increasing their insight and developing their self-awareness in order to take new actions in their lives.

Coaching is a developing profession that is still in its infancy. Aspiring coaches therefore need to take responsibility to equip themselves to be competent, ethical and knowledgeable practitioners.


While there’s far more focus than there has ever been on the importance of mental health; worldwide, the majority of people with mental health concerns do not access the care they need to transform their lives. 

Amidst South Africa’s escalating mental health crisis, comes the good news that, this year, the qualified and work-ready graduates of SACAP’s

A Millennial fits into the generation born between 1980 and 2000. They are the masters of Social Media, addicted to coffee, brought up to know that they can make a difference and no that the impossible is possible if they dream it and do it.

They say employees are the lifeblood of all organisations - yes, without customers, your business would not exist, but employees are the ones who keep your customers happy

Find out how a psychology graduate is making South Africa a better place with a Master's Degree in gender studies. 

What do you do when you don’t know something? Who do you ask if you need a “how-to” guide? You Google or watch a YouTube video, right? People have book knowledge, they learn through what they read or watch either at university or on the internet. But they simply don’t have the practical know-how. We call it the gap between knowing and doing. It is, in fact, a vital skills gap and the harsh reality of most companies’ managerial structures.

Being a people-person may come naturally to a social butterfly, but for those of us introverts developing people skills can be tricky, overwhelming and down-right unpleasant.

A mentor is someone you can look up to. It is a person who guides you and helps you in making well informed decisions.



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