fixed term contract

This week Ivan Israelstam looks at fixed term contracts. What happens when an employer is consulting with employees on means to reduce the need for retrenchment? Usually, there are calls for voluntary retrenchment, then employees on casual or temporary contracts are considered first before permanent employees. BUT,  Ivan cautions that may not be as simple as previously.

Ivan Israelstam provides examples of how employers may be required to make an employee permanent as a result of a "reasonable expectation" that they would be made permanent. Ivan explains how the use of multiple renewals of fixed term contracts by employers will fall foul of the CCMA arbitrators. 

Employees may be hired on a variety of different forms of contract. This week Ivan Israelstam explains what the implications of the various contracts are, when employers are not happy with employee performance and seek to terminate the contract. 

Ivan Israelstam

This week Ivan Israelstam explains what happened to employers who tried to avoid the requirements of the section on probation in the Code of Good Practice on Dismissal. Pretending an employee is on a fixed term contract - or an independent contractor - will cause just as much trouble at the CCMA. So the best practice is to provide the counselling, guidance or training that a probationary employee requires.


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