Effectively Assertive

People will treat you the way you allow them to. Learn the behaviours that will ensure that all your interactions are ‘win-win’ situations for you and for others.

Becoming assertive involves developing an awareness of what you need and want and believing that you have the right to ask for what you want. You treat yourself and your needs with the same respect and dignity as you’re expected to give to others.

Acting assertively is a way of developing self respect and self worth. There is a two-way interaction between self esteem and assertiveness. You may be surprised that assertive behaviour brings you a greater response and increased respect from others and this experience in turn enhances your self-worth.

Assertiveness training is essentially training in communication and social skills. It teaches a way of behaving that aims to achieve a win-win situation in interpersonal relationships.

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Nadia de Bruin
Contact: NDJ Consultants
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Level 4

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E-learning E-learning

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One day


R 2 200,00 (Excl VAT)

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Guides, venue hire, lunch and refreshments