Industry Specific Training

Short Course in Shopping Centre Management (CSCM)

The annual short course in Shopping Centre Management (CSCM) provides you with the essential skills and knowledge of the principles and practice of shopping centre management and development. The course particularly delves into the topics of the development of a shopping centre concept, typology and terminology, location theory, research in shopping centre marketing, design principles, services building maintenance and parking management, as well as insurance security management in shopping centres.

Course in Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement

The Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement short course prepares you with knowledge and insights to align company policies and objectives to current environmental legislation to ultimately minimise liabilities and interact with audit, inspection and enforcement processes. The training experience you will receive provides you with the foundation for environmental compliance, both in industry and in wildlife related human activities.

Operator Training : Construction Plant

The following courses fall under the Construction Education Training Authority and the accredited unit standard for each type of equipment/machine -

Training of construction machine operators is legally required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Construction regulations. A Certificate of Competency must be issued for the specific machine operated.

Our methodology is training on site on the machines/equipment operators are using. is part of the SCRS Group. The Group was founded in 2005 and specialise in education, e-learning and learning technologies. The Career Builder Programmes (CBPs) were developed over the past few years, specifically for school leavers and young graduates to prepare themselves for the world of work and to improve their own employability prospects. Some of the programmes include very focussed small business and/or entrepreneurial content to also enable graduates to start their own small businesses after obtaining some experience in industry.  

Introduction to Gaming Audio

The  Introduction  to  Gaming  Audio  short  course  provides  you with a brief a history to gaming audio and equips you with the tools to design, compose and implement your own gaming audio in a practical manner. During the course, a sample game is made available with the end task to successfully implement a tailored and personalised audio track for gameplay. The course specifically looks into topics of recording, editing, mastering (or audio sequencing), and implementation of audio material in a game world.



Learners acquiring qualification will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or working within the logistical activities of a company in a management environment.



· Managing customer satisfaction.

· Measuring and controlling the overall costs of logistics activities.

· Managing the transport function.

·  Managing the warehouse function.

·  Managing inventory and the purchasing function.

Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants short course provides you with a theoretical and practical knowledge base on water and wastewater treatment, as well as the operation of water treatment plants. During the course, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about drinking water treatment processes and the quality of drinking water. The course also covers topics of basic water chemistry, drinking water quality requirements, wastewater treatment,  effluent  quality  and  the  proper  disposal  of  effluents.

Online Course in Introductory Programme in Sectional Title Management

An online course in introductory programme in the management of Sectional Title and Community Schemes dealing with subjects such as the various legislation applicable to sectional title, land use management, administrative principles relating to schemes, the creation of a sectional title scheme as well as dispute resolution.

Online Course in Food Microbiology

The  Online  Course  in  Food  Microbiology  will  not  only  provide you with an in-depth understanding of the general principles of microbiology – with a specific focus on micro-organisms and the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect their growth in food – but you will also be equipped with the practical skills and knowledge of its application in the food industry and the prevention of contaminants in food production and/or preservation.

Agile Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. It is an adaptive, iterative, fast, exible, and effective methodology designed to deliver signicant value quickly and throughout a project.

Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. The Scrum framework, as defined in the SBOK™ Guide, is structured in such a way that it supports product and service development in all types of industries and in any type of project, irrespective of its complexity.

SixSigma Black Belt Certification

Six sigma is a widely accepted quality concept in the corporate world. It is a data driven, customer focused, and result oriented methodology which uses statistical tools and techniques to systematically eliminate the defects and inefficiencies to improve processes. 

Children, Faith and Society

The Children, Faith and Society short course provides you with the knowledge and insights to deal with more in-depth issues related to children, child development and justice from both an integrated faith  and  legal  perspective.  The  course  is  specifically  tailored  to those who deal with child-based matters on a daily basis and who are committed to the sociopolitical and theological wellbeing of children as a priority in our communities.

National Certificate: Animal production

The purpose of this qualification is to allow Junior Personnel and elected candidated to progress towards a position of farm laboures (operators) with specific reference to Animal Production. The contexualised purpose and usage of the qualification is as follows:

 A learner assessed against this qualification will have the necessary competence to participate as part of a working team, performing the agricultural processes as applicable to animal production in an established and familiar context under general supervision.

The Business School of South Africa

The Business School of South Africa (Pty) Ltd is an educational institution and Level 1 B‐BBEE provider with a core focus on implementing SETA accredited and NQF aligned qualifications recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for corporate organizations.

We offer a range of options for Learnerships, Internships, Management Development, Leadership and Technical Skills Programmes for Employed (Category 18.1) and Unemployed (Category 18.2) Learners. We are able to recruit and host Unemployed Learners.

Apply Self Management through the Concepts of Positive Self-esteem and Resiliency

The person credited with this unit standard will be able to demonstrate belief in his or her personal capabilities within the work context, display resiliency through continous and concious efforts to overcome work obstacles / challenges. 

Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business

This Unit Standard is aimed at giving the learners a fundamental understanding of the importance of innovation in business success. The learner will gain knowledge of specific techniques for releasing creativity in the development a viable business venture.

It will also address the behavioural (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to failure in starting and sustaining an enterprise.

Apply make-up to reflect historical periods

This unit standard will enable learners to explain the historical development of make-up and reproduce the make-up designs of historical periods.

A person credited with this unit standard is able to:
  • Describe the historical development of make-up.
  • Explain make-up practices of different historical periods.

Apply occupational health and safety standards in a salon environment

Learners credited with this unit standard are capable of demonstrating cleaning, sanitising and sterilising in the salon according to industry accepted standards.

The qualifying learner will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements in a salon.
Demonstrate hygiene and sterilising practices in a salon environment.
Apply the different methods and procedures for hygiene and sterilisation in a salon environment.


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