Industry Specific Training

Applied Sport Psychology: Practical steps for optimising performance and mental toughness

The short course in Applied Sport Psychology: Practical Steps for Optimising Performance and Mental Toughness is a course that has been specially developed for coaches and psychologists working with sports people. The aim of this course is to optimise performance of sport participants and sports teams. During the course you will be equipped with critical perceptions, psychological principles and skills that will give you a better understanding of the psychological dimensions involved in maintaining high performance under extreme pressure.

Optimal Functioning and Mental Toughness in a Corporate Environment

The Optimal Functioning and Mental Toughness in a Corporate Environment short course provides you with an opportunity to optimise performance and increase your mental toughness in a corporate setting. The political and economic conditions worldwide have increased work demands, and the ability to perform under extreme pressure have become essential in the corporate environment.

Online Course in Leadership Resilience In Mining and Related Industries

The Online Course in Leadership Resilience in Mining and Related Industries will take you on a personal development journey in preparation for establishing a unique leadership identity and finding the key to leadership success in the mining sector. Leadership competencies and skills can easily be acquired through a plethora of populist programmes available on the market today.

Eskilz Private College

Eskilz Private College was established in 2002. We provide blended learning solutions to corporates to people with disabilities. This year we have launched the dataless elarning platform where all learners can study anytime, anywhere. We are accredited with all SETA's which means we can offer short courses, learnerships and training in all sectors, globally. We also provide all the correct documentation for you to be certified and claim back from SETA through your SDL spend.

Acquisition of Electronic Evidence (First Responder)

Perpetrators of economic crimes, such as fraud and corruption, leave electronic footprints behind which may be an invaluable source of information for investigators. It is however important to know where to look for this evidence and to ensure that the evidence is obtained in a forensically sound matter in order to be admissible in a subsequent judicial proceedings. The purpose of this course is to enable delegates to be effective 1st responders to an electronic crime scene.



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