Professional Communication at Work

The Professional Communication at Work short course equips you with the essential skills to engage in professional spoken, written and visual communication messages in your workplace. During the course, you will gain insights to your own communication style, interpersonal and intercultural communication, business etiquette, business presentations and effective written messages.

The Fundamental Principles of Effective Trial Advocacy

Effective trial advocacy is not a game of chance. Day in and day out, in the tournament of trial, skill wins out. It is the goal of this LPC-accredited course to help participants develop the fundamental courtroom skills to persuasively present their cases at trial. Trial lawyers have to work with the canvas presented by the case. But it is the effective trial lawyer who is able to paint the better picture.

Online Course in National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling Training course provides you with the necessary competency and skills to register with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a debt counsellor.

The course is presented online to allow the student to access the course material at his own convenience.

Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice

The Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice is designed to facilitate your further legal training and development as attorney in the field of insolvency litigation and administration, or if you are looking to move into this specialised field of financial law. The course specifically covers topics of sequestration and liquidation applications, procedures for business rescue, statutory compromises, as well as intervening applications.

Sports Law

The short course in Sports Law examines some of the most common legal problems facing those in sport from managers and government officials to participants and administrators alike who deal with sport-related activities both on and off the sports field.

Short Course on effective utilisation of Legislative and Municipal Committees

The course seeks to build the capacity of individual members of the legislature and of councils to execute their oversight mandate through committees and for constituency individuals and organisations to support the work of the committees.
Committees have become more and more necessary and important given the complexity and large size of the public sector.



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