Programme in Legislative Drafting

The Programme in Legislative Drafting is designed to empower government legislative drafters, compliance officers, drafting consultants in private practice as well as the drafters of rules and regulations for other organs of state and parastatal bodies in order to produce clear, effective and implementable legislation and directives to comply with the requirements of the Supreme Constitution (based on the Commonwealth system of legislative drafting).

Sports Law

The short course in Sports Law examines some of the most common legal problems facing those in sport from managers and government officials to participants and administrators alike who deal with sport-related activities both on and off the sportsfield.

Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act

The Seminar on Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act provides a practical overview of the The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). POPIA gives effect to the constitutional right to privacy, enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. The right to privacy includes a right to protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information.

Labour Dispute Resolution for Labour Relation Practitioners

The Labour Dispute Resolution (LDR) for Labour Relations Practitioners short course is aimed at empowering delegates with knowledge and practical skills to participate in statutory labour dispute resolution procedures related to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and to deal with industrial action. You will gain knowledge and practical skills which will empower you as an applicant or respondent in conciliation or arbitration procedures before the CCMA.

Labour Relations

The Labour Relations short course provides you with insights to the dynamics of the South African labour market. This is an essential competency in the volatile business environment in which contempory organisations function.

Employee Wellness

The Employee Wellness short course will provide you with professional training and advanced knowledge on Employee Wellness Programmes (EAPs), and is suitable if you have been tasked to promote wellness in the workplace.

Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes

The Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes provides you with the knowledge, skills and insights to become an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) practitioner in private companies, government departments or service-provider organisations. The course will enhance your knowledge of EAPs (including standards and instruments) to enable you to successfully promote wellness in the workplace, while aligning the therapeutic, management/ supervisory and M&E strategies of a planned EAP to an organisation’s goals and objectives.

Course in the Prevention and Detection of Corruption and Procurement Fraud

The Prevention and Detection of Procurement and Contract Fraud short course provides you with the requisite knowledge and skills to identify fraud and corruption, and to put mechanisms in place to prevent it from occurring, in the procurement and contracting of goods and services. The course aims to provide you with insights to procurement and contract fraud in a range of industries and the varying levels at which it occurs.

Internal Auditing

Sharpen your skills and knowledge of internal auditing and internal auditing standards and techniques, internal control, reporting, information technology auditing, audit relationships, risk-based auditing and control self-assessment. This Internal Auditing short course is aimed at internal auditors, with or without formal qualifications or experience in auditing, who work in an internal audit environment.

Performance Auditing

The Performance Auditing course is intended to inform internal auditors about how economy, efficiency and effectiveness apply to performance auditing. The course provides you with the practical guidelines required when carrying out performance audit engagements. Information such as the scope and objectives of a performance audit, performance audit methodology, and economical procurement of resources and efficient utilisation of resources are included.

Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners

The Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners short course familiarises you with the pertinent legal issues and consequent legislation of fraud and corruption. During the course, you will gain knowledge and insights to the nature of criminal conduct, the legal mechanisms used to obtain evidence, and other issues that must be considered when witnesses or suspects are interviewed.

B and E Conference Centre (Pty) ltd

B AND E CONFERENCE CENTRE (PTY) LTD is an all-inclusive conference and training centre which offers organized, accessible and affordable training space to our clients who are in the skills development and training sector.

We offer a full service including venue hire, catering, stationery, equipment hire and more, which makes us a versatile and convenient venue for our clients.  

Legislative Charts - Compulsory



Labour Law prescribes that certain updated notices and signage must be displayed and/or readily available in your work place.  Please note that should you not have your notices and signage displayed, you may be penalised or receive heavy fines imposed by the Labour Department.

Labour Relations Level 5

Course 1   R3285 excl VAT 1 day

Understanding the Disciplinary Process

  • Defining the nature of a disciplinary code.
  • Explaining disciplinary procedures.
  • Describing the nature of grievance procedures.
  • Explaining grievance procedures


Course 2 R3550 excl VAT 2 day

Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing

Legal Liability


This Programme is intended for learners who are involved in or who give advice on the
management of risk. It will be useful for Risk Management Generalists, Loss Adjusters, Medical
Scheme Product Developers, Disease and Case Managers, Surveyors, and Underwriters and
other learners in Short Term insurance.

Corporate social responsibility, citizenship and business sustainability 2020 - POSTPONED

Due to the current situation, we have postponed this course to 22 and 23 June 2020.

For any course queries, please email [email protected]


UCT [email protected] is pleased to present a two-day course on corporate social responsibility, citizenship and business sustainability.

Legal information systems - development and management 2020

UCT [email protected] is pleased to present a five-day course on the development and management of legal information systems.

This course is designed to provide practical and actionable knowledge on current and future ways of managing legal information. This course will cover the requirements related to legal information and its management; identifying factors of relevance for the evaluation of legal IT solutions; and reviewing the legal issues that affect the use of IT in legal work and legal information management.

Life & disability claims: legal & practical management. A short course for claims assessors 2020


UCT [email protected], in conjunction with SCOR, is pleased to present legal, practical and experiential training for claims assessors.

The demands placed on claims assessors in life offices have significantly increased in recent years, putting extra-ordinary pressure on the claims divisions.

Programme in Local Government Law and Municipal Administration

The Programme in South African Local Government Law and Municipal Administration provides municipal administrators, government officials and legal practitioners with a better understanding of local government law. You will gain knowledge regarding a variety of legal aspects pertaining to municipal administrations and topics such as sustainable service delivery, municipal powers and functions, municipal elections and important aspects of municipal finance and fiscal management (including the MFMA and the MPRA) are covered during the course.

Short Course in Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act

The Decoding the Protection of Personal Information Act workshop provides you with the scope and insights to the Protection of Personal Information Act 14 of 2013 by giving uncomplicated, practical guidelines for compliance. Most organisations collect, use and process personal information for one reason or another, and therefore have to ensure that they comply with the Act’s provisions. During the workshop, you will become familiar with all new obligations emposed on businesses, and what consequences they might face for non-compliance.


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