Government contracts and procurement law - webinar

Government contracts and procurement law - webinar

Government procurement accounts for a substantial part of the global economy and is therefore closely regulated in law to prevent fraud, waste, corruption or local protectionism.

This field of law called public procurement regulation is internationally one of the fastest growing areas of legal interest both in practice and academia.

Online Course in National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counselling Training course provides you with an opportunity for assessing your competency in and registering with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a certified debt counsellor. During the course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in identifying when and how a consumer can apply for debt review or when it is necessary to assist over-indebted consumers.

Environmental Law

The short course in Environmental Law provides you with a comprehensive overview of the fast-growing and increasingly relevant field of environmental law in South Africa. The dynamic and thought-provoking course focuses on the environmental laws emerging from section 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, including the National Environmental Management Act of 1998 and various specific environmental management acts that operate within its framework.

Online Course in Legal Collections

The Online Course in Legal Collections is aimed at empowering bank employees as well as other credit providers working in the legal collection environment with knowledge and technical skills related to their everyday activities. The course is designed to supplement a delegate’s existing body of knowledge and allow them to deliberate contentious issues facing the industry. The course is presented as a blended learning solution that takes advantage of technology-enabled learning.

Eskilz Private College

Eskilz Private College was established in 2002. We provide blended learning solutions to corporates to people with disabilities. This year we have launched the dataless elarning platform where all learners can study anytime, anywhere. We are accredited with all SETA's which means we can offer short courses, learnerships and training in all sectors, globally. We also provide all the correct documentation for you to be certified and claim back from SETA through your SDL spend.

Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners

The Law for Commercial Forensic Practitioners short course familiarises you with the pertinent legal issues and consequent legislation of fraud and corruption. During the course, you will gain knowledge and insights to the nature of criminal conduct, the legal mechanisms used to obtain evidence, and other issues that must be considered when witnesses or suspects are interviewed.

Acquisition of Electronic Evidence (First Responder)

Perpetrators of economic crimes, such as fraud and corruption, leave electronic footprints behind which may be an invaluable source of information for investigators. It is however important to know where to look for this evidence and to ensure that the evidence is obtained in a forensically sound matter in order to be admissible in a subsequent judicial proceedings. The purpose of this course is to enable delegates to be effective 1st responders to an electronic crime scene.

Course in the Prevention and Detection of Corruption and Procurement Fraud

The Course in the Prevention and Detection of Corruption and Procurement Fraud provides you with the requisite knowledge and skills to identify fraud and corruption, and to put mechanisms in place to prevent it from occurring, in the procurement and contracting of goods and services. The course aims to provide you with insights to procurement and contract fraud in a range of industries and the varying levels at which it occurs.



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