An overview of Chinese law and investment in Africa 2021

China is currently Africa’s leading trade and investment partner. Knowledge of Chinese law is a valuable resource for business people and legal professionals who want to understand and navigate China’s emerging role in Africa’s economy.

This course is a short overview of Chinese business law and international investment policies, covering the prospects and legal aspects of doing business in China, and China’s policy for and political interest in Africa, with reference to the legal co-operation under the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC).

The National Credit Act update 2021

The National Credit Act Amendment Act 7 of 2019 has real consequences for credit providers and debt counsellors in particular. This course focuses on the likely impact that the changes will have in the market.

This course highlights the changes to the National Credit Act and gives feedback on the changes to the legislation as well as updates on recent case law related to the NCA. Attending this course will help you to make strategic decisions on how best to react to the changes.

WEBINAR: Contractual clauses – a refresher on some of the more involved contractual terms

This "back-to-basics" webinar will clarify some of the more involved contractual terms.

It is intended to give practitioners a refresher on terms they may not use as frequently, such as limitation of liability, hardship clauses, choice of law and its repercussions, penalty clauses/forfeiture clauses, the in duplum rule, and so on.

Date: 12 April 2021, 15:00-17:00 - SAST

WEBINAR: The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act is intended to protect consumers as well as financial service providers.

However, the Act is not easy to read and the details may be difficult to grasp for those not used to working with legal documents. This course will unpack the terminology of the Act, the requirements and obligations, updates to the legislation, and the Act’s relationship to related legislation.

Join us for a two-hour webinar in which we will explore the FAIS Act in context.

Programme in Legislative Drafting

The Programme in Legislative Drafting is designed to empower government legislative drafters, compliance officers, drafting consultants in private practice as well as the drafters of rules and regulations for other organs of state and parastatal bodies in order to produce clear, effective and implementable legislation and directives to comply with the requirements of the Supreme Constitution (based on the Commonwealth system of legislative drafting).

Labour Dispute Resolution for Labour Relation Practitioners

The Labour Dispute Resolution (LDR) for Labour Relations Practitioners short course is aimed at empowering delegates with knowledge and practical skills to participate in statutory labour dispute resolution procedures related to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and to deal with industrial action.

Conflict Management

Conflict management is rising to the top of the every organisations agenda as they seek to gain efficiencies and it is a challenge to every organisation. However, new practises have emerged to help professionals deal with arising conflict issues

The Conflict Management in the Workplace short course allows you to able to identify and manage the resolution of personal conflict between persons or parties. The main focus will be on the workplace although the same principles can be used elsewhere.



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