Production and Operations

Stress Management Programme

Our 2-day Stress Management programme includes cutting-edge insights into the causes and symptoms of stress, as well as passive and active practices that manage stress. Learn more about yourself, your behavioural tendencies, your responses to people and relationships; find meaning in challenges and trials, confronting fears and “should do’s”. Delegates will learn to use their minds & thoughts powerfully, getting out of their comfort zones, practicing coping skills through breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques. 

Supply Chain Management

To provide learners with the competencies required to engage in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain so as to create sustainable value for organisations. This qualification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.


The NEC Engineering and Construction Contract

The NEC family of Contracts is widely used in South Africa in the engineering and construction industry. It brings a refreshingly different approach to the industry, enabling contractors and clients to work in a more collaborative manner.

This 2-day training course is designed for people using the NEC Black Book, whether they are the project manager, contractor or client.

Classic Seminars

Classic Seminars is originally a South African project management training company which was established in 1998, in Durban. Commencing with Project Management with Microsoft Project class, Dr. Andrew Holden and Philip Russell built up a significant reputation within the engineering and construction industry.

Outcomes-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation

The Outcomes-based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation short course will provide you with a practical and theoretical framework for understanding and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) efforts in the work environment. While it may be biased towards developmental work, it nevertheless provides delegates with relevant tools and skills especially suited to the aim of monitoring and evaluation of the performance of policies, programmes and projects in a bid to generate desired results for the organisation and its material stakeholders.



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