Production and Operations

Process Management for Business Operations

Businesses experience constant pressure from competitors that forces them to continuously evolve, redesign, implement and manage innovative business processes. The Process Management for Business Operations short course will provide you with an essential overview of the art and science of managing a business by exposing you to the basic concepts, tools and skills required (as well as the difficulties experienced) when introducing BPM into an organisation.

Hands-on Supply Chain Management

The Hands-on Supply Chain Management short course will provide you with an understanding of how a truly integrated supply chain creates value – for your organisation, its supply chain partners and shareholders. Tap into a realistic business environment using sophisticated computerised simulation where teams are challenged to run their own businesses and achieve determined business objectives. Learn how to align supply, production, distribution and demand – and then how to run the supply chain process successfully.

Demand Management in the Public Sector

Demand Management is the initial phase of Public Sector Supply Chain Management (SCM) and sets the trend for all subsequent actions that are associated with SCM. Through this Demand Management in the Public Sector short course, you will understand the role and importance of demand management within the SCM system and perform a variety of activities to ensure that organisational needs are correctly identified and that procurement takes place according to a structured procurement plan.


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