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M-Cot Corporate Training

M-Cot’s core services are training interventions in IT and business skills and the development of learning materials. From our expansive resource base of specialist facilitators and locally-developed material, we can provide flexible solutions from a few hours of one-on-one coaching to national roll-out programmes. Ancillary services include psychometric testing, coaching and business consulting.

Time Management | Level 2

This unit standard introduces time management that will enable learners to be efficient workers in a selected business sector. The focus is on knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in relation to the learner`s own context and experience of the world of work.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

Assessor Training

The role of the assessor is to formally assess the skills and competence of staff within an organisation.  This is done through building a portfolio of evidence that is related to the learners daily work and meeting the requirements of the NQF.

An assessor must have the skills to plan, conduct, evaluate, make Judgments and provided feedback.  An Assessor should also have the ability to guide and support their learners through this process.

Short Course in Business Management

This short course introduces you to the fundamentals of Business Management, on the basis of the valuechain
framework. You will be acquainted with the theoretical and practical knowledge of basic managerial
competency. The knowledge and skills acquired will provide you with a veritable foundation for more
effective and efficient workplace performance and enhanced organisational productivity.

Time Management Workshop


Lead Your Brand offers time management training that helps individuals to lead their time effectively with a self-mastery mindset approach. The workshop covers solutions to more effective time management and will assist individuals to understand the basics of scheduling their time for results.


  •  Principles and the mindset of Time Management:

 Introduction to time management and the mindset of planning your day.

Time & Stress Management

On-Site Training for a Minimum of 6 Delegates

The intensity and constantly changing demands and expectations of life today means that we must not only understand stress but develop coping mechanisms and positive life changes to experience health and happiness on a continual basis. This workshop will explore the many facets of stress and give practical solutions and plans of actions in work and personal scenarios.

Supervisory Development Programme

On-Site Training for a Minimum of 6 Delegates

At this 3 day course we will provide you with practical guidance to develop your assertiveness, time management, report writing, conflict management, problem solving and supervisory skills for any work situation you may encounter. You will leave the course with a ‘Personal Action Plan’, knowing what key changes you need to make, and what skills you need to practice, in order to become more professional at work.

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities


This qualification specifies the key skills, knowledge and values required to access engineering and manufacturing qualifications in the Further Education and Training Band.


It provides learners who have no formal qualification with an opportunity for assessment to • Recognise prior learning.

  • Identify gaps, and
  • Structure learning programmes to close those gaps.


The learning required for these learners would be what is typically included in ABET learning programmes.




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