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Does your sales pitch have a few gaps, or do you feel like you’re not giving your product or service that you are selling enough airtime? 

Why are some people’s presentations so compelling, yet others are dull and hard to follow? 

Do you believe that negotiating is only for those in high powered positions or top sales jobs? 

Do you ever wonder what style of leadership you portray and whether you can improve yourself through knowing this? 

Do you ever feel that your world is out-of-control and that you have lost all focus?

Do you ever doubt your skills as a minute-taker and wonder what you should or should not be noting? 

Why do so many employees struggle to adapt to changes within an organisation? 

Do you know that you have the power to change yourself?  “We often think that we are who we are and that is it,” says Rachel Johnson, owner of Palomino Training Solutions. 

Do you ever feel that no-one really reads your business letters, or perhaps they don’t respond to your e-mails as you would like them to?



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