Can I rewrite my exams?

Now that the Matric results have been announced you might be wondering if you qualify for supplementary exams.

According to Department of Basic Education the deadline for supplementary exams is 19 January 2018. These exams are scheduled to take place in February and March.

Who qualifies for Supplementary Exams?

However students should note that the supplementary exams are not open to everyone. Only those who fall into the following categories will be eligible for a rewrite.

You can write supplementary exams if:

  • You need a maximum of 2 of your subjects to pass.
  • You were unable to write for medical reasons (you need to attach a report from your principal).
  • There was a death in your immediate family, or other special reasons why you could not write.
  • You provide evidence that you need a better result to qualify to study at university or college, or to meet requirements for a specialist field of study or work.
  • If you were registered to write the NSC 2017 examination.

For more insight check out this statement released by the Department of Basic Education concerning Supplementary Exams

Students can download the Supplementary Examination Timetable here

What do I need to apply?
You must submit your application with:

  • a copy of your statement of results,
  • a certified copy of your ID, and
  • motivation letter if required

Contact your local department of education to find out where you can submit your application.

*If you are based in the Western Cape click link for more details about how to apply for supplementary exams.

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing