Develop As A Manager, Supervisor Or Learning Development Practitioner With The Institute of People Development


Initiate a vision for learning in your organisation by helping you understand how to get the most out of your workforce with training and development.



The Institute of People Development (IPD) is committed to developing managers, supervisors and learning development practitioners through innovative courses and training.

Their team of experts will help you understand the key issues associated with learning and performance management in the workplace, so that you can develop staff in a sustainable way.

Their courses are designed to help managers, supervisors and learning development practitioners gain both knowledge and understanding in order to actively manage their staff and businesses. We also offer a range of qualifications. We pride ourselves on our high quality training delivered by leading experts in their fields which has been developed for industry professionals to support the effective delivery of business learning solutions.

IPD has a list of the courses within the following departments:

  • Human Resources Programmes - The 4HR Masterclass is an Online Training Programme that equips HR executives to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in their organisations.
  • Management Development Programmes - Generic Management Development Programmes for leadership, senior & middle managers, supervisors and team leader development.
  • Learning & Development Programmes - Occupationally Directed-Education Training and Development (OD-ETD) Practices Programmes.

Since 1999, IPD has been partnering with education leaders to enhance the quality of workplace learning through the development of managers, supervisors and learning development practitioners.

People love to learn. IPD can help you achieve your personal goals by helping them reach new levels of knowledge, skill, and understanding of how you can work smarter in your job.





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