How can you educate your community?

Are you passionate about education and bringing it to the masses? While government has its role to play in educating society, ordinary citizens are seeking ways to make a difference.

The education sector is buzzing with opportunities especially since the introduction of technology which brought with it quick and easy access to information.

In addition, overcrowded schools and universities in South Africa reveal a demand for education that is still unmet.

Entrepreneurs and those in the education sector are identifying gaps in the market for skills development and training.

Whether its something as simple as starting a book club or a much more serious venture like opening a language school there are a range of business opportunities in this field.

In '50 Innovative Education Business Ideas & Opportunities 2017' prospective business owners are given insights into some of the needs and opportunities available in education.

Have you ever thought of starting a music, driving or catering school? These are some of the suggestions and ideas aspiring entrepreneurs should consider.

We have highlighted 3 more ideas to inspire you:

Provide online training
This business idea is best suited for private trainers or field experts who are able to teach a skill. The internet has made it possible for individuals to offer training online. This is beneficial to the learner as it allows them to obtain knowledge conveniently. It also allows the trainer to earn money in exchange for their expertise.

If you are offering informal training there are no requirements. However formal qualifications have to be accredited.
Alternatively you can contact the labour department, and register your services, as they source basic training for communities.

Open a bookshop

This could be a useful enterprise, particularly in the more impoverished or rural areas of the country. South Africa still has many regions that do not have internet access. This is a practical way to deliver information to people and uplift communities. While you are unlikely to make a substantial profit off customer purchases, there may be opportunities to receive funding and support from government.

Start a private school

Due to the limited access and poor quality of public education more parents are looking for alternative schooling for their kids. Private schools can meet this need. It allows business owners to invest in the education of children while generating revenue.

To establish a school you would need to consult with the Education Department for licensing and accreditation requirements. It is compulsory for schools to meet the requirements and standards set by the department.

Does this dream seem out of reach? Read the story of SPARK Schools and be inspired.

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