How To Claim UIF Dependent Benefits



The Unemployment Insurance Fund offers short-term financial assistance to workers when they’re unemployed or are unable to work because of several reasons including Dependent benefits. 



The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides temporary financial relief to individuals who are forced to stop working due to unforeseen circumstances. Individuals must have contributed to the UIF to qualify for this financial relief.

Employers must make unemployment insurance contributions of 2% of the value of each employee's monthly remuneration to the UIF. The employer and the employee each contribute 1%. Contributions are paid to the UIF or the South African Revenue Service. 

Over time, a UIF contributor will accumulate credits. For every four days worked by a contributor, they receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days.

There are several types of benefits covered by UIF namely, Unemployment benefits, Illness benefits, Maternity benefits, Adoption benefits as well as Dependents benefits.

If you are a dependent of the contributing worker, you can apply to claim your funds within six months of the death of the contributor.

The dependents of the contributor who can claim are:

  • Spouse
  • Life partner
  • Guardian
  • Child of the deceased contributor

However, it is important to note that dependent children can claim only if there is no spouse or life partner; or the spouse or life partner does not claim within 6 months of the worker’s death.

Dependent children under the age of 21 years are entitled to benefits if there is no surviving spouse or life partner.

Here are the documents required when applying For UIF Dependent Benefits: 

  • ID Document, Passport or Asylum Seekers Permit for both dependents and deceased death certificate.
  • Death certificate of the deceased contributor. (Only South African burial order issued by the Department of Home Affairs will be accepted).
  • For Children: in the case of a guardian, proof of guardianship is required if applicable, a letter confirming that a minor is still in school, and a birth certificate will be required.
  • For Spouse: Marriage certificate.
  • For Partner: Lobola letter or an affidavit in case of life partner.
  • Proof of schooling is required for dependents who are between the ages of 21 and 25.
  • UI-19 form

Dependents will be required to complete and submit all the above-mentioned documentation and information to the department of labour centre or submit online via the uFiling website.

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