How To Log In To Unisa myExams During Examinations



Ordinarily, when participating in an examination, students would visit a centralised venue in which they will complete the exam. This is however not the case for students who attend universities that use online testing.



Students attending the University of South Africa (Unisa) are expected to complete examinations online. This is done through their myExams platform. 

Unisa students are advised to familiarise themselves with the myExams platform to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of their exams. 

Here's How To Log Into myExams During Examinations

  1. Visit the myUnisa website at
  2. Click on the myExams button in the bottom right.
  3. Click on the date your assessment is scheduled as per your exam timetable. This will reveal the links to the modules scheduled for the date selected.
  4. You can now click on your module and this will open the modules assessment page on your college's portal.
  5. Type in your myUnisa username and password and click on the Login button.
  6. Click on the myExams button in the header and select the module for which you need to complete the exam.
  7. On the modules exam page select the MCQ (Quiz) or Take Home (Assignment) assessment to start your exam. 

Click Here To Access The myExams Platform Directly 

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