Nsfas Approved Over 46,000 Funding Appeals in 2022



At the start of each academic year, students who have been assessed as unsuccessful by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme have the opportunity to submit an appeal disputing the scheme’s funding decision.



The financial aid provider gives students a chance to lodge an appeal within 30 days of receiving an unsuccessful status on their application.

Applicants wanting to lodge an appeal, will automatically have access to do so via their Nsfas accounts.  

However, many students have raised concerns, either expressing that they’re having difficulties navigating the appeals system or that they are yet to receive an update on the status of their appeal

According to Nsfas CEO, Andile Nongogo, during the 2022 academic year, Nsfas approved a total of 46,070 applications for students who submitted appeals.

This included 18,424 appeals from continuing students and a further 27,646 appeals from new applicants.

This was revealed at a parliamentary meeting held with various stakeholders to discuss Nsfas readiness for the 2023 academic year.

Nongogo also stated that the scheme rejected a total of 17,838 appeals, 10 504 of which were appeals from continuing students and the remaining 7,334 from new applicants.

Furthermore, he explained that the scheme is still in the process of finalizing a total 10,755 appeals.

Regarding appeals with the status "Appeal in the process of being finalized," Nongogo explained that one of the main reasons why appeals cannot to be finalized is that the scheme is awaiting updated academic results from institutions.  

“More than 5000 continuing student appeals are awaiting updated academic results from the institution in support of the student’s appeal and that they have met academic eligibility criteria,” he said. 

Additionally, the scheme says another 5000 appeals are still awaiting supporting documentation before Nsfas teams can process the appeals.

Nongogo acknowledged that this is due to the Nsfas ICT department decommissioning the student portal on 15 September 2022 that these applicants were unable to provide the required documentation.

“Students frequently claimed to have submitted information to Nsfas, but this information is not always visible to the processing teams.”

He stated that the Nsfas ICT department is in the process of providing a viable solution in this regard.

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