Thousand Of Sassa Grant Recipients No Longer Receive Payment



The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for the distribution of social grants to eligible citizens. In an effort to ensure that beneficiaries are still meeting the criteria for eligibility, they have done beneficiary reviews. 



Sassa reviews can be done at any time when they have reason to believe that the beneficiary's circumstances, including financial circumstances, may have changed.

These reviews are often triggered when SASSA beneficiaries are found on a database that indicates that they may be in receipt of income that they have not declared, with a large portion of reviews sparked by the Office of the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA).

The number of clients selected for review per social grant type is as follows

  • GRANT-IN-AID - 188

The total number of beneficiaries chosen for review for each type of social grant is 84389.

The number of beneficiaries that have been reviewed per Province is as follows

  • Eastern Cape - 4531
  • Free State - 5137
  • Gauteng - 6868
  • KwaZulu Natal -20029
  • Limpopo - 5049
  • Mpumalanga - 4336
  • Northern Cape - 1401
  • North West - 3004
  • Western Cape - 8193

The total number of beneficiaries chosen for review for each province is 58548.

A total of 258 548 beneficiaries still need to be reviewed across the 9 provinces in South Africa, with 25 841 social grants being stopped because beneficiaries have not come forward in each province. 

12 057 social grants have been stopped because beneficiaries that have been reviewed have not met or no longer meet the means test and qualifying criteria of each province.

How Sassa Notifies Beneficiaries Of An Upcoming Review

Sassa uses registered mail sent via the post office as provided for in Regulation 30 of Social Assistance Regulations to notify beneficiaries of a review. 

Sassa follows 3 steps three steps to notify a client of a review

  • The first is to notify the beneficiary of a review
  • The second is to suspend their grant, if they do not respond to the review request.
    • This caters for those who did not receive the communication, they can contact SASSA to inquire about the reason behind the suspension of their grant. Upon completing the review process and meeting the eligibility criteria, their grant suspension will be lifted. 
  • The third and final step is cancelling the grant if the beneficiary does not come forward for the review or approach SASSA after being suspended.

It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to make sure their contact information is up to date with the Agency, according to the law.

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