University SRC Assisting Students Defunded By Nsfas



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) provides bursaries to hundreds of thousands of students from poor and working-class backgrounds. However, Nsfas students only receive funding for a limited amount of time, according to the N+ rule. 





The University of Pretoria Student Representative Council of 2022 has noted that many students have lost their Nsfas funding after the implementation of the N+Rule. The SRC is now calling on students who have been unfunded to reach out for support.

There is a limited amount of time that students will receive the Nsfas bursaries. This is where the N+Rule comes in. Once you have completed the minimum number of years allocated to a qualification, Nsfas will fund you for two more years.

The SRC, through the Department of Student Affairs, has assisted students with food and sanitary products. They explained that students have reached out for help through various means of communication.

After compiling a list with the information of the affected students, the list was submitted to the Institutional Executive Management as well as the finance department to facilitate assistance for those affected. They also submitted the list to Nsfas and included information of students who submitted appeals to the fund.

“The SRC had engaged directly with representatives from Nsfas on multiple occasions regarding the Nsfas appeals, N+policy and fast-tracking the process. From this meeting, the SRC was made aware that over 1 300 first-time and returning students had appealed. Of this, more than 200 students have outstanding documents” explained the council.

They have called on all students to submit any outstanding documents as soon as possible. The SRC has also committed to further engagements with the university on accessing the institutions own donors to support students.  





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