What is the Role of the Department of Education in South Africa?



The role and responsibilities for education in South Africa is shared by the Department of Education (DBE) and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The Department of Education specifically deals with all schools and grades ranging from Grade R to Grade 12, and adult literacy programmes.

The DBE develops, maintains and supports a South African school education system for the in which all learners have access to lifelong learning, as well as education and training.

Role of the Department of Education

  • Improving school infrastructure
  • Providing high‐quality learner and teacher support materials
  • Developing skills for a changing world
  • Planning for the migration of the ECD function
  • Providing support to improve matric completion rates
  • Facilitating the increase in supply of quality teachers
  • Providing nutritious meals for learners through the National School Nutrition Programme

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