You Can Collect Your SASSA Grant At These Post Offices

Some post offices have not been able to operate, following looting incidents and unrest in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. This has affected SASSA grant beneficiaries who collect their grant payments from post offices. 

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has put together a list of closed branches and alternative branches that are open for beneficiaries to visit. 

"If your local post office had to close after the recent unrest, a special list on our website will give the nearest alternative branch." said the Post Office. 

The list only provides details of closed branches in KwaZulu Natal. If you are interested in viewing the list, you can click here to view it.

Beneficiaries of the R350 grant have also been encouraged to visit a post office near them to collect money owed to them by SASSA. 

"If you still have R350 Covid relief money owed to you, you can visit your post office any day of the week. We have suspended the system working with ID numbers for the time being." the Post Office said in a tweet

However, beneficiaries will first need to receive a text message from SASSA before collecting the grant payments owed to them. 

This applies to beneficiaries of the previous R350 grant, as applications for the new grant cycle have not yet opened. 

Unlike the permanent grants that SASSA offers, the R350 grant is temporary and does not have a set payment date. 

SASSA has assured beneficiaries that the R350 grant does not expire, and can be collected at any time once approved. 

Details about the application process of the new R350 grant have not yet been revealed, but SASSA has clarified that the new grant rollout will not work the same as the previous R350 grant cycle that ended early this year. 

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