Gauteng Education Department Warns Parents About 2025 School Admissions


Securing you child's placement at a school in Gauteng requires the submission of an online application. The Gauteng education department has provided an update on 2025 admissions. 



The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) wants to warn parents about a fake website that says applications for 2025 Grades 1 and 8 placements are open. 

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) wishes to warn the public of a fake link misleading parents & guardians about GDE Admissions.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents apply for admission in the province, highlighting the high demand for school enrollment. It's therefore no surprise that thousands of parents are waiting for the opening of the application period to secure their child's spot in a provincial school.

The GDE explained that the article indicating that 2025 Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications were open contained a fake link. These types of links are akin to a phishing scam used to solicit personal information from unsuspecting parents. 

We urge parents & guardians to await an official announcement from the Department on when #2025OnlineAdmissionsGP will begin 

The department stated that they will issue an official announcement concerning school applications for 2025 in the upcoming months. This announcement will be disseminated across all official GDE websites and social media platforms.

The last application period, for the 2024 school year, opened in June 2023. This means the 2025 application period might start soon, but wait for the official announcement from the GDE.

How Gauteng School Admissions Work

In Gauteng parents are required to complete an online application on the GDE admissions website. The process begins with registering where parents provide all their details. 

Following registration, parents will have to enter their address details and provide information about the learner. The address helps the department place learners at schools within their feeder zone or near where they live. 

Next, parents select the school of their choice to apply to. During the regular application period, supporting documents are uploaded online. However, during the late application period, these documents can be submitted directly to the school when they reopen. 

The GDE has previously set up a contact centre to assist payments with Gauteng school applications. It is expected that this will also be done this year in preparation for the 2025 school year. 

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