How To Appeal For May 2023 Sassa Grants



Millions of vulnerable individuals rely on grants distributed by the South African Social Security Agency to purchase basic goods and services. However, grant applications may be rejected, leaving vulnerable individuals without any support.



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes millions of grants to vulnerable individuals every month. Around 18 million people receive a permanent social grant from Sassa. 

Permanent social grants include the Older Person grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Care Dependency grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support grant Top Up and Grant-in-aid. 

These permanent grants are distributed during the first week of every month. It is extremely concerning when permanent grant beneficiaries find out their grant has been suspended or has lapsed leaving them with no money. 

If your permanent grant application is rejected by Sassa, you have the right to submit an appeal. It's important to note that Sassa must inform you in writing why your grant application is rejected. 

Once you know why your grant application is rejected and believe Sassa was wrong to reject your application, you can submit an appeal. The staff at the local office will advise on the process to follow to submit your appeal application. 

You must be informed in writing of the reasons for the refusal of the grant application, as well as your right to appeal the decision, should you not agree with the outcome. 

Sassa explained that grants can be suspended for several reasons. This includes changes in your financial or medical circumstances, an adverse outcome of a grant review or if a grant was approved in error. Grant reviews are undertaken by Sassa to ensure the person receiving a grant is deserving of the relief. 

The grant agency will also suspend a grant if the beneficiary is found to have committed fraudulent activity or misrepresented their circumstances and fails to submit the required missing documents. 

Your grant may also be suspended if you do not collect your money for three consecutive months or due to a failure of a review. In these cases, you must make an application for the restoration of that grant within 30 days of its suspension. 

Sassa grants may also lapse. The main reason for a grant lapse occurs when a grant beneficiary or primary caregiver dies, if a child dies, if a beneficiary is admitted to a state institution or if you are absent from South Africa for more than 90 days. 

It is the responsibility of beneficiaries to keep Sassa informed of changes in their circumstances and means and to respond to any correspondence received. 

Grants may also lapse if the grant was not collected for three consecutive months, if you cease to be a refugee or if a child benefitting from the child support grant turns 18 years old.


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The South African Social Security Agency provides permanent social benefits to more than 18 million individuals across the country. These grants aim to provide financial assistance and support to vulnerable individuals and households.




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