How NSFAS Plans To Pay Allowances In 2024



Approximately one million students are set to be funded by NSFAS in 2024. The financial aid scheme has revealed how it plans to pay allowances to students in 2024.



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides comprehensive bursaries to more than one million students enrolled in approved programmes at Universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges around South Africa. 

NSFAS bursaries are greatly valued by students who benefit from them Students who are approved for a NSFAS bursary receive money for tuition and registration fees. In addition to this, they also relieve several allowances to cover costs associated with their studies like accommodation, transport, food and stationery. 

At the beginning of the 2024 academic year, NSFAS will make upfront payments to universities to ensure that students have money when they start their studies.

When Students Will Receive NSFAS Allowance Payments

It was revealed that NSFAS will make upfront payments to cover tuition and accommodation allowances of universities at the end of January. 

These NSFAS allowance payments are made monthly with the Department saying, "Monthly payments will be done at the end of each month".

However, for February and March 2024, payments will be made differently. Instead of monthly allowance payments from NSFAS, students will receive bi-weekly payments.

Who Qualifies For NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS bursaries and allowances are only meant to assist students from poor and working-class backgrounds. NSFAS has several eligibility criteria that students must meet to qualify for funding. 

South African students enrolled in approved programmes at public universities and TVET Colleges qualify for NSFAS funding.

These students will however only qualify for NSFAS funding if their combined household income is below R350,000. Students with disabilities may have a household income not exceeding R600,000

NSFAS 2024 Applications Now Open 

The 2024 application period is officially open. Prospective students can begin submitting their NSFAS bursary applications on the official NSFAS website.

Students will have just over one month to submit their NSFAS funding applications. This is because the application window will remain open until 31 January 2024.  

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The academic year has concluded at institutions of higher learning around South Africa. What is meant as a time of rest and relaxation for students is instead filled with uncertainty as they don’t know how their tuition fees will be paid. 




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