NSFAS Has Now Paid These Allowances



Thousands of students rely on funding from NSFAS to cover essential costs related to their studies including rent. The financial aid scheme has confirmed the payment of allowances. 



Thousands of students who depend on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for housing allowances can finally breathe a sigh of relief. NSFAS has confirmed that it has processed a bulk payment of allowances to landlords, effectively addressing widespread concerns about potential student evictions.

NSFAS provides comprehensive financial support to deserving students through bursaries, loans, and allowances covering living expenses, learning materials, and accommodation. The accommodation allowance is particularly crucial, enabling students to reside closer to their universities or TVET colleges and avoid long commutes.

Recently, delays in the disbursement of these payments had threatened to disrupt this vital support system, putting many students at risk of eviction. Fortunately, NSFAS has now processed payments to all accommodation providers who submitted claims through official channels.

NSFAS announced that it completed a bulk payment of allowances by early June, with another tranche scheduled for no later than June 18th, 2024. This second installment aims to clear all legitimate claims, ensuring timely payments in the future.

NSFAS is pleased to announce that a bulk payment of accommodation allowances was processed by the end of May and the Beginning of June 2024. 

They called on all landlords who have not yet submitted their claims to send their queries to the dedicated email address [email protected]. The next tranche of payments will be paid later this month. 

The next scheduled payment will not be later than 18 June 2024 to clear all legitimate clients. 

In the meantime, the scheme urged landlords not to evict students while waiting for allowance payments. 

These interventions are intended to provide much-needed relief to private student accommodation landlords. 

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